August 15, 2022

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Hold national elections in Costa Rica 2022

Hold national elections in Costa Rica 2022

October 6, 2021, 10:17 pm
SAN JOSE, Oct 6 (Prinsa Latina) Today, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has officially summoned more than 3.5 million Costa Ricans to participate in the national elections on February 6, 2022.

Vote or not, there will be a new government next May. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether you will influence the shape of that government. Only by your vote can you make a difference. Indifference does not make a difference. Indifference changes nothing,” TSE President Luis Antonio Sobrado emphasized in the official convocation contract.

Noting that elections are the democratic key to opening new opportunities, he told citizens that regardless of their differences, they should be united in the desire for a better tomorrow, and the opening of new opportunities.

He pointed out that there are those who want to see the citizens turn into a tired and indifferent mass. That by turning their backs on the electoral process, they are highly critical of, and thus punished, politicians.

‘It’s a lie! “They want them to believe it so they stay at home, so they don’t get in their way, so they leave what they like and break it up for everyone else,” Soprado said at the party hosted by President Carlos. Alvarado handed over command of the general force and traffic police to the TSE.

This means that this body has the power to exercise command of the aforementioned police forces and to take the necessary measures so that the electoral process takes place under conditions of absolute guarantee and freedom, in an effort to protect democratic stability.

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According to the decree calling for national elections, the sixty positions to be elected in February 2022 are those of the presidency, and two vice presidents, who will hold their positions from May 8 until May 8, 2026; and 57 deputies, who will serve in the Legislative Council from May 2022 to April 30, 2026.

It also provides that in the event of a tie in the vote of the President—whether on the first ballot or, if necessary, the oldest candidate shall be considered elected, from among the lists having obtained the same number of votes.

This provision shall continue to be applied to deputies, as stipulated in the Regulations and Article 202 of the Electoral Law.

He pointed out that the elections abroad will be only to elect the president and his two deputies.

She points out that the electoral register, which was cut on August 31, consisted of three million 536 thousand and 462 voters, including one million 778 thousand and 188 women.

In handing over command of the General Force and Traffic Police, the President of Costa Rica emphasized that “on a day like today, we reaffirm our pride in our democracy and our institutions, and always reiterate our call to action.” For the best of our dear country.

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