June 23, 2024

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Hong Kong Sevens: New Zealand, champions in both categories

Hong Kong Sevens: New Zealand, champions in both categories

This is controversial Hong Kong SevensThe Sixth stage of Season 2023/24 of World TourIn this New Zealand Sanctified Champion Inside Two categories: The Men They won 10-7 to do France In finalAnd this Women They did the same 36-7 About America. You can review All results Inside Scrum Watch the full match again Star+.

For its part, Pumas 7s They got it 9th place His success through 42-0 against Samoa in a match Gaston Revol made history and broke the 1000 point barrier. They managed to get this far 21-0 to do Canada Inside semi-finaland before, in Group levelDespite defeat 17-14 to do BritainDefeats against New Zealand and the United States (22-0 and 14-10 respectively) could not continue in the struggle for him Gold.

Additionally, Spain He fell in Quarterfinals for the title In view France By 24-10 and defining 7th place vs America He Sunday At 1.31 am. Before inside First roundhad defeated Samoa By 17-14 and fell 12-5 with Ireland and by 24-10 with South Africa.

while, Ireland Stayed with him Bronze, PG with 5th place, America with 7th And Britain with 11th place.

going back Feminine side, Brazil is the only South American representativereached its climax Tenth place When falling forward Britain By 14-5. After finishing Past In his realm (he lost The Europeans themselves, France and New Zealand By 17-12, 28-17 and 33-7), won 12-5 Inside 9th place semi-final to do Spain.

At the same time, the lion were left 11th After winning a tough match against South Africa By 17-14. previously, Spanish team fell before Yaras 7s and in Group levelThey lost all their matches: to 19-12 with JapanBy 24-5 with America and by 14-7 with Canada.

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Besides, Australia provided Bronze, PG The 5th place And Japan The 7th.