December 8, 2023

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‘Horseshoes’ illustrated on New Zealand seabed

‘Horseshoes’ illustrated on New Zealand seabed

The superimposed rat tail bite marks match – Niva

Madrid, September 19 (Europe Press) –

Scientists have discovered the source of this Secret Horseshoe Markings Discovered in 2013 Deep in the sea off Aotearoa, New Zealand.

A team from NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) showed that these were tracks made by deep-sea rattails, also known as grenadier fish, foraging for sediment for their next meal.

To test this theory, Stevens superimposed head profile images of certain grenadiers With images showing clearly defined impressions of the seabed.

“The reason we point to a particular species is because of the unique characteristics of its head: this type of fish has a long snout and an extendable mouth at the base of the head that allows it to feed on the seafloor. Other species have to,” he said. It is a statement Darren Stevens is a fisheries scientist with a particular interest in deep-sea animals.

The images match perfectly. “We were able to provide good evidence that these records were made by two species of grenadiers. This new discovery will allow future studies to identify soft sediment feeding areas and important fish habitats for these species. They are an important part of the ecosystemStevens said.

New Zealand has more than 70 species, making it an abundant and important animal in the ecology of deep-sea communities.

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