August 17, 2022

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How can you protect your Wi-Fi from your mobile phone so that your signal is not stolen

How can you protect your Wi-Fi from your mobile phone so that your signal is not stolen

the cyber security It is an increasingly crucial element today. As technology and what is connected to the global network continues to rise, the number of users is increasing become aware They take care to better protect their devices and connections.

One of the most vulnerable access methods is WiFi networks. Sometimes the security of the router is very insufficient against cyber-attacks or those who seek to steal data, documents, etc. To prevent our WiFi from being stolen, there is a possibility to block hackers, because it is an easily accessible place. And it is not only easily accessible to hackers, but also to ordinary users.

How do I access my router?

Accessing the router is a very simple option that allows us to increase the security of our WiFi network

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first step to Prevent our WiFi from being stolen It is the router and network configuration. To access, we just have to enter the address in our address bar, where we put the URLs of websites. It’s an access path that works on most routers in our house, since it’s a standard IP address.

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Number combinations are very repetitive and easy to solve

Upon entering, we will see an access menu, where we must put the username and password. Usually, by default, the user is “admin” and the password is “1234”. In case it doesn’t work, we can find these passwords in our router.

Tricks to prevent your WiFi from being stolen

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There are different ways to increase the security of our WiFi network

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Once we know how to access the router, we can now try different easy formulas to improve security and Prevent our WiFi signal from being stolen. First of all, we can configure the router change Password. Many of them come by default and are easy for experts to guess with different software. For this reason, it is important that we change this security code, and put a code that mixes numbers, letters and symbols, which are difficult to match.

Another thing we can do is disable WPS function. It is a tool that allows us to connect to WiFi easily, just by pressing a button and entering the PIN. To deactivate this method of access, we must go to the Wi-Fi networks section of the router configuration and deactivate the WPS option.

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Another security method to prevent our WiFi from being stolen can hide the network name, which is pre-selected by the manufacturer. To do this, we go to the Network or Wi-Fi name (SSID) section, where the name of our wireless connection appears. In addition to that, we also have the option to hide the WiFi network name. On this site we can change and put the name we want. This way, we will avoid giving clues about our router or phone operator.

Finally, another very effective way to prevent WiFi theft is to choose MAC filter, which blocks access to those unfamiliar devices with us. One of the best options to see which ones are online is Fing, a free app on Google Play. To do this, we get to the WiFi section, where this MAC filtering option appears. There we can activate it, and enter the MAC addresses of the devices, which we can get in Fing.

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