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How much can Barcelona get if they play the Club World Cup?

How much can Barcelona get if they play the Club World Cup?

leaders Barcelona It is preferable not to indicate the possibility of their team participating in clubs World Cup 2021, they focus on the domestic championship and the Copa Libertadores. However, playing this event can help them deal with Economic crisis.

FIFA He planned to make a change in the format of the tournament, with the participation of 24 clubs and the distribution of funds in the millions of dollars. crisis COVID-19 Make the agency defer planning and dealing with the traditional form, of seven teams.

Japan She was the host of the event, but her resignation put FIFA in a quandary. So far, the organism No location has been specified or the awards have been made official Which will be delivered in this version, scheduled for December 2021.

Possibility to play with it Brazil, Barcelona will be allowed to be part of the World Cup clubs, despite not winning the Editor’s Cup. The tournament regulation states that a team from the host nation is part of the keys, but it forbids having two representatives from the same national association.

Regarding the prizes awarded for the 2020 edition, Barcelona will receive 1 million US dollars Just to share with you. The amount will increase with the burning of the stages, as with other leagues, such as the Libertadores, the Champions League …

In that edition, third place earned $3 million, and second place earned $4 million, while The hero received 5 million dollars. To these values ​​must be added the costs of logistics, transport and food that FIFA incurs.

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FIFA is expected to achieve a significant increase in prize money for this season. It is expected that even end of october 2021 Headquarters and official values ​​are already known.