June 25, 2022

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How much prize money do the Golden State Warriors get for winning the NBA Finals?

How much prize money do the Golden State Warriors get for winning the NBA Finals?

The 2022 NBA Finals are over. On the season’s 75th anniversary, a total return to normalcy after two seasons marked by the impact of the pandemic. Again, 1,230 regular season games (82 per team) and some playoffs that crowned a returning champion: Golden State Warriors occupies their fourth episode in six finals played since 2015. Very special, the first since the team returned to San Francisco and the first after two seasons outside the playoffs.

What does that mean economically? In the NBA, there is no direct award for the champion, who received the legendary Larry O’Brien Trophy, which is estimated to be worth about $13,500. The amounts received by the team winning the title vary since the establishment of the fund (Swimming pool(The economic system through which funds are distributed according to the standards of the players’ association)NBPA). Last season, that total amounted to $25 million. According to the estimated accounts of the distribution, about which there is no official information, the hero earned about 3.8 millionwhich means that for each player (coaches and staff are also included in the distribution) a total of $240,000 (in teams of 15 players, those who play the playoffs).

This is how the mutual fund that comes from a percentage of income generated from playoffs was divided: The 16 playoff teams, in 2021, earned $298,485 per capita. To that we must add 355,159 for those who applied to the semi-finals of the conference (8). The four contestants in the conference received $586,898. The finalist added another 2.3 million and the aforementioned champion 3.8 million.

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For this 2022 qualifier, it is estimated that The final prize for the champion will be 4.1 million, which will be awarded to about 270,000 to each team member. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more than you get in the Super Bowl, with each player walking away around $150,000 for the title.