July 1, 2022

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Take advantage of discounts on 3D printers and longer laser engravers

Take advantage of discounts on 3D printers and longer laser engravers

Products such as 3D printer or laser engraving machine are something more and more users would like to have. If you are looking for one, but do not want to spend a lot of money, you should not miss this long promotion. This brand leaves us with a great 3D printer and laser engraving machine With a good discount we can buy it at a good price.

Take advantage of discounts on 3D printers and longer laser engravers

More and more people want to have a 3D printer in their home, luckily we have low priced options like this one, which is presented as a good option to consider.

LK5 PRO longer

LONGER LK5 Pro is one of the brand’s leading brands. It is a model that is not very large in terms of proportions, so millions of people can use it at home without any problem. In addition, this is a 3D printer that is very easy to install, something that you can do in a few steps.

The printer is equipped with an LCD screen Where we can control everything that will be done with it, as well as get a good preview. In addition, it has functions that make printing very simple, since we can also resume printing after a power failure, for example.

In this promotion, it can be purchased for $329.99And it’s a great discount on its $40 price tag. In addition, the brand leaves us with various packages, such as the inclusion of filaments, which help us to have a more complete printer. You can buy it at this linkAlso, check out the different packages that are available from it.

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5 . longer beam

On the other hand, this promotion of The brand also leaves us with the LONGER RAY5 laser engraving machine. This is one of the company’s most popular products. It’s the first of its kind to have a screen built in, so we can control everything we do from this panel. It will be much easier to use this way, so anyone will be able to use this laser engraving machine.

It is a product that is distinguished by its speed, Drilling capacity 10000mm/min. It has a 32mm chip that allows it to work quickly and efficiently, so it can handle the most demanding workloads at all times. This is something that makes it one of the most popular models in this market segment.

This is a laser engraver It can be purchased for only $269.99 The price is in this promotion. This is possible by using the code RAY5 $30 on said purchase. So feel free to use it. It is available at this link And you can see the packages that the company offers us in this regard.