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How to check car oil: Follow these simple steps

How to check car oil: Follow these simple steps

    It is one of the most common and simple procedures that a user can perform on their own without having to resort to a workshop, but at the same time it is one of the most important because it It seems that checking the engine oil is necessary to avoid possible damage to our car mechanics. The procedure is relatively easy and you just have to follow a series of steps that we will refer to below, but first of all, it’s time to remember why this liquid is so important at its best.

    The engine of any vehicle consists of a series of moving components responsible for converting the chemical energy of the fuel into mechanical energy. In order for all of them to work as they should and to extend their useful life as much as possible, it is necessary to properly lubricate each of them, since it is the oil that is responsible for this task. As a general rule, it should Check its level once a month, as well as every time we go on a long road trip, while its replacement depends on the manufacturer itself, although this process usually takes place between 15,000 and 30,000 km, or within two years maximum. If the car is old and used mineral oils It should be changed at 10,000 km or every year.

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    How is it checked?

    As we say, check the level oil It is a fairly simple process that does not require much mechanical knowledge, but it does require a good eye. The steps are the following:

    • The most important thing of all is that this task should be done with the engine turned off and with the car on flat ground, i.e. the measurement is not affected by a certain ground tolerance. In addition, it is also worth noting that the user should check the oil level with car coolant, because when it is hot, the measurement can be changed and we will not get the correct results.
    • With that said, the next thing to do is open the hood and locate the oil dipstick, which is usually a bright color like yellow or orange. Then it must be removed to properly clean its surface so that no oil particles remain on it.
    • Once it’s cleaned up, it’s listed back on your site quickly and directly. The next step would be to remove the dipstick again to check the lubricant level. To do this, we will have to look at the two letters inscribed at the bottom, one corresponding to the minimum level (closest to the end) and the other to the maximum. If everything is correct, we should see a mark in the middle of these two letters.
    • To make sure the measurement is correct, let a few minutes pass and repeat the whole process again.

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      What if the oil level is low?

      It is possible that when checking the oil dipstick you will discover that the level is below the minimum level. In this case there is High risk of breaking some internal components of the engineTherefore, the tank must be refilled immediately with the same thing lubricant You already have the car until you reach the correct levels. Therefore, it is always convenient to carry a bottle of this liquid in the trunk of our car.

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      In case you don’t remember What is the oil in our car, it will be necessary to review the last review papers where the brand and type of lubricant used will appear. The car manual should also reflect the oil in which it left the factory. However, it will only be necessary to locate the filling plug and add what is necessary, in small quantities, and wait a few minutes before making a new measurement. Repeat the process until the level is correct without exceeding the maximum flange of the dipstick.

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      What if it is above the maximum?

      There is also the possibility that when making the measurement, we realize that the oil level exceeds the maximum recommended, so in this case It is recommended to go to the nearest workshop so that professionals are responsible for removing the excess. If this situation is ignored, the excess oil in the engine will burn out, which may cause damage to the catalytic converter, or it will come into contact with the crankshaft, causing the block to overheat.

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