June 28, 2022

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Amazon adelanta las rebajas del Black Friday: cómo comprarte todo desde la Argentina y traerlo al dólar oficial

How to get you everything from Amazon to the official dollar

Although the mega discount event on major e-commerce platforms in the US will be on November 26, there are already offers available

The countdown to the 2021 edition of . has begun “Black Friday”mega event Discounts For online purchases in Amazon and main stores United State And the world that would be this Friday 26 November.

Appointment is one of the most anticipated appointments by millions Consumers from all over the world, who take the opportunity to get gifts for Christmas And even giving away the car gift they wanted all year long.

Although for all these users Worry There are special days, like Semana del Black Friday from Amazon, where hundreds of articles with discounted values ​​have been published since the previous Monday, You can already find very attractive offers On the leading e-commerce platform all over the world.

How to buy everything on Amazon from Argentina and bring it to the official dollar

Among them:

  • Google Chromecast for streaming content, $56.33 to $45.11.
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi iRobot Roomba 692, reduced from $461.48 to $230.16 (more than 50%).
  • Samsung Galaxy A22 – Free 6.6-inch Android smartphone at 13% off (from $264.86 to $230.16).
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook – Portátil 11″ HD (Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 600, Chrome OS), au$s345.47.
  • Echo Dot 3rd generation smart speaker, down from $57.82 to $23.12.
  • Philips QP2520/30 OneBlade Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, Trimmer & Shaver for $45.07.
  • Smartwatch for iOS and Android, 15% off (from $46.26 to $39.32).

How to bring products to the official dollar

regarding E-Commerce, the local market has Two big limitations:

  • Many companies are not located in Argentina and the shipping fee is too high
  • Prices on some items are not competitive compared to the offer from abroad

In the face of these kinds of constraints, companies are gaining strength “door to door”, allowing to streamline operations and reduce the final amount to be paid.

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These are the companies that have deposits in the United States, in cities like Miami, this provides users with a dropbox so that:

  • Buy products on any page in the world
  • Specify the address of these facilities in the purchase
  • They will receive the purchase, which will be stored in a box
  • They can pay the freight to Argentina in the official dollar of $105.25

In this way, it is possible to take advantage of free shipping (Free Shipping within the US), very popular in ebay o amazon, thus concentrating purchases in one place, And then process the shipment to Argentina in one package.

Freight is paid in official dollars, no surcharge at 65% of stock.

The freight can be paid in official dollars, no additional fee of 65% of stock

How it works

in conversation with iProUP, From the company Aerobox, they highlight that the company provides express mail service “100% legal” It is different from others who use “Valijeros” or tourists.

“You have Several trips per week. User who registers on the platform Receive a US address immediately and customer number. At the time of making your purchases, which can be in portals anywhere in the world, enter this data so that the items Sent to our warehouse in Miami”, they explain from the company.

One of its main advantages is that the freight is paid in official dollars. No additional cost 65% of stock.

“Some famous sites charge everything for the blue value because there is no company in Argentina,” they warn of the company whose value starts per kilogram u $ s17.

Thus, since the products are received at their facilities, they are processed by a machine that scans them and sends an image to the buyer, so that he controls what has arrived and can manage – if necessary – a refund with the seller if he is not satisfied with what was received and without waiting for it to arrive in Argentina.

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“The platforms we offer this Box service give us the possibility to buy on the site of the world one wants and not like others that act as a marketplace i.e. they limit you from getting what they actually offer on their website”Stand out from Aerobox.

Another alternative with a similar procedure is Waiver OptionsWhich enables the user to purchase the product himself and send it to the address specified by the company in Miami.

The company has a starting kilo rate too u $ s17 and pre-quoting service on its platform to simulate process expenses.

in conversation with iProUP, Ludmila Garbaa, Head of the Division Argentina logistics waiver courier, agrees with fellow Aerobox in highlighting Speed ​​and simplicity As advantages when hiring a private courier, since the user does not perform any action at customs, but the company will represent him before the authority.

In addition, the specialist notes that customers pay for the shipment “Pesos at the official exchange rate”.

Another option available is BicaboxLow cost virtual locker platform.

On this website, the amount in pesos that the consumer pays from the company to . is detailed iProUP, consists of transform The dollar at the official exchange rate for today, State tax and income tax perception (RG 4815/2020).

Juan Hussain, CEO adds in an interview with this medium that operates on this platform ” Like having a friend who lives in the US or ChinaYou don’t have to wait for him to come visit the family.”

When users register, orThey have an address and a PO Box number for free. Thus, they can buy from any online store; Then they put that data in so we can get the product.”

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The next step, Hussein explains, is Decide between drop shipping (Once you receive it, process it and leave it to Argentina) Or free storage for up to 30 days. “This last option is very useful for those who want to consolidate their purchases,” he asserts.

Juan Hussain, CEO of Aerobox

Juan Hussain, CEO of Aerobox

Limitations to consider when purchasing

It is necessary, before any surprises occur about her, Clarify doubts with the customer service area of ​​each platform, which can use two ways to import products: Special courier service and postal service, different methodologies.

in conversation with iProUPAnd Gaston’s work, an expert in international trade, explains this, regarding the restrictions express mail privado (which allows non-importers to bring products from abroad), the following must be taken into account:

  • It will not be possible to exceed 5 shipments per calendar year under the same Cuit/Cuil number.
  • For this reason, it is important to take advantage of the “integration service”
  • Each shipment shall not exceed 50kg
  • Each package must be valued at less than or equal to 3000 USD
  • It must consist of a maximum of three units of the same type in the restricted areas
  • There are prohibited products or categories. You should always check the platform that will bring the item before purchasing

“Our country is not an attractive market for brands, given their size and scale. So it is not profitable for many of them to bring in a full range of products. Therefore, when buying abroad, We accept an offer not found here‘, notes the specialist.

Recognize the set of options which each user can access they will be allowed Implement efficient operations, save time and money.