August 19, 2022

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How to use a video as wallpaper on Google Meet from Android

Google Meet finally lets you choose a video as background in a video call on Android. It’s a simple dynamic that you can do in a few steps.

Although you can use images as background or even darken them so that your environment is not seen, with animated backgrounds you can provide a more pleasant atmosphere for your video calls.

How to set a video as wallpaper on Google Meet

Google is dead It actually offers the possibility to use any image as wallpaper in video calls. A dynamic that can be implemented with your own photos or some suggestions from Google that cover different topics.

Or if you like, you can choose to blur the background, either completely or with a slight blur. And now a third option has been added in Android with the ability to put a video as wallpaper in it Google is dead. It was already available in the web version of Meet and in its iOS app.

As you can see in the image, Google Meet will allow you to access a series of animated wallpapers to use in video calls. So far 6 videos are available ranging from Beach, Forest, Party and Submarine, among other options.

But make no mistake, the videos will not mimic that you are somewhere else, as it has a cartoonish design to give a cheerful tone to your video call. So if you choose jungle or beach video as wallpaper, it won’t look like you are making a video call from those sites at all.

How to set a video as background in Google Meet video calls? Once you open the app and start the video calls, tap on Effects so that Meet shows all the available video wallpapers. You can try all the options until you decide the most suitable background for your video call.

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