August 8, 2022

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HR leads SF Slater to victory in the capital

HR leads SF Slater to victory in the capital

WASHINGTON — Austin Slater collided with a three-stroke Homer in a seven-stroke second-stroke run off struggling starter Patrick Corbin, and the San Francisco Giants blew the San Francisco Nationals 7-1 on Friday.Washington.

Slater, who had a .105 hitting average before the game, fired Corbin and sent the ball down the middle with a 2-1 lead with one to make it 4-0.

Brandon Crawford doubled to lead the second-half strike lead and capped the scoring with a three-stroke double that outpaced Lynne Thomas, who had jumped to catch the ball on the center-left field.

So far has come Corbin’s work (0-3), who allowed seven runs and seven strokes, stopped three rounds and only got five.

The left-hander, who helped the national team win the world championship in 2019, has been one of the worst rookies since then.

Jacob Jones (1-0) of Triple-A Sacramento was called up during the day. He made five point-free rounds in relief, on his first appearance with the Giants. Three hits and four hits allowed. Novice Sam Long made two rounds without goals.

Venezuelan nationals Cesar Hernandez 4-0. Kibert Ruiz 3-0 and Alcides Escobar 3-0. Dominican Juan Soto 4-2; Nelson Cruz 3-0; Michael Franco 3-1, scored one, produced one, and Victor Robles 3-0.

For the Giants, Venezuela’s Wilmer Flores scored 4-1, one record, and Ceiro Estrada 4-2, one record. Honduras Mauricio Dupont 3-0. Mexican Luis Gonzalez 1-0.

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