August 19, 2022

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HTC raises its new glasses to disconnect, meditate and improve our mental health

HTC raises its new glasses to disconnect, meditate and improve our mental health

In a hypothetical event that It was broadcast this afternoonHTC introduced a new model of HTC Vive glasses. But I’m not talking about an augmented reality viewer or a gaming device: you want the brand Let’s use the new HTC Vive Flow to practice meditation and other mental wellness exercises.

Meditation and ASMR sessions in glasses

Since this approach does not require a lot of graphics power, HTC has managed to reduce the size and weight of the device to something much smaller compared to other viewers we are used to seeing. Vive flow They weigh only 189 grams (My mobile weighs more), and they use a simple 7.5W USB-C cable to power themselves.

On their screens we find a combined resolution of 3.2K and a frequency of 75 Hz, with a viewing angle of 100 ° and Diopter adjusters on each eye For those who wear glasses. On its sides there are speakers with spatial sound and noise / echo cancellation, and the front fan will prevent the device from overheating.

Vive Flow works paired with a phone, which also acts as a remote control in the virtual interface offered by the glasses. You can choose comfortable environments for meditation, Scenarios where you can interact using ASMR voices, or play YouTube videos or other services through Miracast.

The HTC Vive Flow costs $499 and will start shipping from November, although for now it’s only in the US. It is a curious style, not intended for the most demanding gamers but for those who want to use a mask of this style to relax or entertain themselves.

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