August 19, 2022

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elections.  In the first #TucumánDebate, only the left raised an agenda to defend workers

elections. In the first #TucumánDebate, only the left raised an agenda to defend workers

In yesterday’s issue of Panorama Tucumano, a discussion took place between the candidates in the second session of the Nation’s Representatives. With notable participation, in the minutes of the presentation and in the free discussion, Juan José Paz (Left Front and Unity Workers) raised corresponding points with Agustin Fernández (Everyone’s Front), Paola Omudio (Together), Gerardo Huisin (Force of the Republicans) and Gerardo Correa (Amplio Front).

The discussion with the first block was organized for a one-minute presentation on resource allocation, housing, transportation, agribusiness policies and employment reform. After the round, a free four-minute debate case began. In the second group, candidates talked about poverty, education and drug trafficking. The third block involved choosing a phrase for some character. The discussion concluded with a minute as each candidate argued why they should be voted on.

Resources… Taken by the IMF

In the first segment, all of the candidates talked about reforming the Commons Act, except for the left who pointed out that the problem is that a large part of the national resources are used to pay for the debt fraud left by Macri and not for social needs. Which revealed the crisis day by day.

In the agribusiness segment, Omodeo (Together for Change) stated that it was necessary to benefit the large sugar and lemon business community, the Republican Power stated that it should provide more guarantees and tax benefits to the business, and Frente de Todos en the same raised Meaning in defense of landowners and businessmen.

The only person who spoke of placing over 100,000 Tucumán workers representing the base of these industries was the candidate of the Left. He raised the need to strengthen the Interzafra Act in the National Congress to end forced labor and piecework in the field, ensuring basic rights such as year-round social work and a salary equal to the family basket. In the sugar industry, none of the candidates responded to the plan they proposed to avoid closing Ingenio San Juan, and supporting the more than 400 families that depend on the sugar mill.

In the free minute of this clip, the central cross is placed between the candidate on the left and Omodeo and Huesen. The names of thousands of Tucumán working families are not mentioned in the industry debate, only to give greater guarantees to entrepreneurs. This was the focus of Baz’s interrogation of the remaining candidates. The gorilla did not wait and Huesen sent him to live in Cuba, and Paz replies that the Fuerza Republicana is a force defending totalitarianism, like Huesen himself, who was sworn in as a legislator by Antonio Domingo Bossi (in charge of the independence process, who was convicted of crimes against humanity). “No more questions, Mr. Judge.”

Finally, Paz concluded with a question: “(Rural) workers live on $1,000 wages. Can you live with that money? You can live without social work.” Logically none of them responded.

Crossing over work reform

The turning point in the debate was set in the debate over labor reform. Space Together for Change and Republican Power have both stated that they are promoting this reform, to end compensation and allow employers to fire them. It was clearly in line with the policies that Bolsonaro is currently implementing in Brazil or our miniaturized country. Juan Paz overruled this position harshly, “Not only have these recipes been tried and failed in the 1990s, but in our province, which has the highest rates of instability in the entire country, jobs are not created, but we have the highest unemployment rates in the last 17 years. It’s A policy that can only happen to the owners of the country.”

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In his presentation, the Left Front candidate explained that there are two main projects in Argentina, one of which proposes the right’s opposition to more instability and guarantees to employers deteriorating working conditions and the proposal of the left. To create real jobs that struggle to divide working hours between the employed and the unemployed. The Todos Front candidate could not respond when reminded from the left that although they now say they will not support reform, the Tucuman deputies in the PJ accompanied the pension reform of the macrismo system that plundered the pockets of pensioners.

last round

In the last and third rounds, candidates were consulted on three axes: education, drug smuggling and poverty. On this axis, Fernandez ignored the problem of desertion and the fact that poverty tripled under Mansur. He gave a blank speech, claiming the Connect Equality Program, and promising to improve the future with hope. He did not answer any of the questions from current Education Minister Juan Pablo Lichmeier. Regarding the drug trade, he promised a stronger hand and ignored the thousands of complaints against Claudio Mali.

Juan Paz denounced that the rest of the participants belonged to forces that controlled and increased poverty. “The Macroe spoke of ‘zero poverty’ but under his government there were five million new poor,” Smash added that ‘the government cannot blame the epidemic’ for the political decisions they made and that their deputies understand that they are adjusting at the request of the International Monetary Fund. Proposed so that workers do not pay a crisis, starting with non-payment of the external debt, the public works plan, and the distribution of working hours and salary in the amount equivalent to the family basket.

On the educational point, the FITU candidate emphasized that there could be no talk of ensuring education “with 60% of children in poverty” and highlighted the need for greater resources for teaching, schools and universal scholarships. Then in the field of drug smuggling, he highlighted the links between major crime and various sectors of the state, rejecting harsh rhetoric and speaking out in favor of marijuana legalization.

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Left to Congress

“This discussion made clear the difference between those who make policy for the powerful and those who make policy for the workers. I am a health worker, during the pandemic I was on the front lines of the virus. Minister Shahla fired me for publishing the real numbers about the comrades who died,” said Juan Paz at the beginning of his closing statement. Then he suggested that the government and the opposition prepare for the amendment that the agreement with the IMF would require to pass.” And they’re not saying that here because if it wasn’t, no one would vote for them.

“In PASO, the Left Front was the third force at the national level, with important votes like that of Nicholas del Caño or that of my colleague Alejandro Filca in Jujuy. In this election, with Alejandra Arregues and Martin Correa, we want workers to have an expression that reaches Congress, and for that We ask that you join us in your vote. The left is the force that will defend the interests of the working class.”