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Huijsen already has citizenship: more options for La Roja

Huijsen already has citizenship: more options for La Roja

Den Huysen (Amsterdam, 2005), a As AS reported in October, he wants to play for Spain. The Roma centre-back (on loan from Juventus) represents the Netherlands in the youth ranks, but now The Spanish Football Federation began proceedings To obtain Spanish citizenship. This process began months ago, and at the last meeting of the Bank of England the decision to grant citizenship by nature book became official. The same way Lou Norman did almost a year ago.

The case of the Dutch is different, because He has lived in Malaga since he was five years old, when his family moved to Marbella. There, between Costa Unida and Malaga ClubHe grew up as a footballer until he was sixteen years old, when he went to Juventus.

Huijsen is still 18 years old (he will turn 19 in April), but he is not aiming to join the Under-19s, but rather the Under-21s. Santi Denia is eagerly waiting for him there, knowing that he could be a great signing for the qualifying stage of the European Under-21 Championship. Once the process is complete, the idea will be called for the next FIFA appointment at the end of March. Lou Norman was granted citizenship on May 24 and was able to play only three weeks later.

His latest controversies

In Rome, where he arrived last January, he left good feelings that go beyond some specific mistakes (a penalty kick that cost him the Coppa Cup quarter-final in the Rome derby against Lazio). Last Sunday he scored a wonderful goal from outside the area. After Cristiano's famous celebration, he silenced the Frosinone stands.

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The reason for this reckless reaction was that the opposing fans were booing him at the beginning of the match because before announcing his arrival to Rome, He was very close to leaving on loan to Frosinone. “He will learn from this, he is very young,” Roma coach De Rossi said in his place at half-time. “I don't want to scold him in public. Never do it again, players learn and grow through experienceDi Francesco, Frosinone's coach, also spoke about this, saying: “It is not good for a boy who will come to celebrate like this. It could be my son, so I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but he has to learn that this isn't done. In January he called me to find out what I thought of him, and What I think tonight is that it's disrespectful“.