August 7, 2022

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Hyundai converts the Ioniq 5 into an air purifier!

Hyundai converts the Ioniq 5 into an air purifier!

Many people lightly categorize electric cars as mere “home appliances” and they may be down with it. We say this not as a criticism of this type of car, far from it, but rather because of the recent advertising video released by the company itself. Hyundai And this has one of its stars in terms of sustainable mobility as the protagonist, i.e. a Ionic 5 Which shows us its possible applications once the commercial life cycle is completed.

ingenious solution

As electric cars begin to gain popularity, the fact that their construction requires more carbon That the construction of their internal combustion counterparts, along with the shorter lifespan of their battery packs, has raised concerns about what happens to all these electric-powered models once they are no longer useful. According to these lines, it seems that the Korean manufacturer has found the solution.

In the video we are referring to, you can see a file Prototype before production From the aforementioned Ioniq 5 and a series of workers from the Korean company are thinking different ideas. The end result was so ingenious, that instead of taking the traditional route of getting rid of the car once its tasks were done, Hyundai wanted to take advantage of its technology to create a new device that anyone could use in their home for the benefit of their health and that is that the 100% electric crossover became Air purifier!

The second life of some of its components

Although it does require some engineering and manufacturing, the results are certainly impressive. Instead of just using a car battery to power your existing air purifier, the company Use several pieces From this to make a new unit of the most striking. The end result is a purifier that includes filters Ionic 5Cooling fan, brake lights, different body panels, badge, digital instrument cluster and even one of its 20″ wheels add to the look.

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We don’t know if Hyundai will dare in the future to market this type of product or not, but it’s interesting that electric car manufacturers are already implanted ingenious solutions Like this to give a second shelf life to all your eco-friendly products.

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