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Olympic Games | New Zealand’s right hand touches leaving Spain

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The men’s hockey team fights every game at the Oy Stadium next to the Tokyo Bay. It’s okay to be in full sun at 8:45 pm with a closed night like this Sunday against the Premier League (1-1) against Argentina (1-1) or New Zealand. Every meter is a mine, and every ball won is one more step toward victory over Fred Soy’s victory. In a lively match in which both teams played piecemeal, Spain lost in the worst last quarter and it was difficult to advance to the quarterfinals.

Success was essential to cross the round at best. For that reason the Spaniards came out and they had a dangerous throw from Xavi Leonard that would put them in front. But New Zealand, a very physical team, took control of the area protected by Quiko Cortez.. Rather than taking the occasional turn, the Marines settled on the Spanish field and received three penalty corners. 0-1 is inevitable. And it came through the action of Stephen Jennings.

Spain thwarted New Zealand’s goal, and with his long possession game, Quick Gonzalez de Costejon made a rebound catch in the 25th minute to level the score. Player Tarant, from the penalty corner, again highlighted the Marines (1-2). Argentina also took the lead, Spain equalized, so the Red Sticks did not want to be low, and continued to insist.

In this tense match, the Spanish team pressed the entire field and New Zealand reduced the water as Pau Quemada again converted a penalty corner and in the 39th minute, another penalty corner after another penalty corner. Spanish shouts echoed on the blue ground. But that 3-2 was a quick delight. In 15 minutes reality hit them hard.

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Spain, bowing before their opponent’s attacks, saw how Russell’s work in the 48th minute leveled the match again in the penalty corner. New Zealand’s right arm did not stand still. The men’s team, perhaps exhausted, perhaps by the grace of its rival in the final, failed to show their head and took a position of 3-4, with three minutes remaining, until Smith executed it. All Spanish courage was broken.

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