May 20, 2024

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“I close my eyes and it's her”

“I close my eyes and it's her”

Claudia Martin used to be told how good she sang. Her voice resembles that of Amaya Montero, the legendary singer of the San Sebastian band La Oreja de Van Gogh. Faced with a lot of insistence, this young woman decided to put herself on the line and let her TikTok followers judge her.

The young woman admitted in a video clip: “This is not the first time they have compared my voice to that of Amaya Montero. Since I started singing, this is the most they have said to me in this world.”

Martin says he receives dozens of comments like the following: “With that voice, I can only imagine you singing.” the beach From Van Gogh's ear. Great sound.” So she decided to “force the instrument a little” and entered the studio to perform this song.

Van Gogh's ear

A voice almost equal to that of Amaya Montero

The young woman accepts the challenge of performing that legendary song by the San Sebastian group, although she modifies it slightly, with Angel Serrano intervening on the piano.

Although it's not exactly the Amaia Montero version, it is very similar. What's more is the young woman's voice, which some find difficult to distinguish from the soloist now.

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“Well, yes, you do it very well. Your singing sounds like Amaya, and your speaking reminds me of Rosaline,” comments one of her followers on this social network. Another continues: “If I close my eyes, you are Amaya Montero. You sing so beautifully.”

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Not only do some users think her tone is similar to Montero's, they think it's a mix between her and Leary, the current singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh. “You look more like her. Listening to you is a luxury,” someone commented. Aside from the resemblance, the majority congratulate him on his performance: “You also have a beautiful voice.”