May 20, 2024

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"I don't know if the word fair is in football"

“I don’t know if the word fair is in football”

Real Betis coach Manuel Pellegrini believes that his “team played the right game” despite losing (0-1) to Elche who “barely kicked the goal, but held” and achieved the result he did. She doesn’t want to qualify because she ignores “whether the word fair is in football”.

Betis coach believes that “Elche locked himself up but did not do anything unsportsmanlike”, so he believes his victory “cannot be criticized”.

Pellegrini believes that “these things can happen in the world of football,” although he stated that the defeat “does not lower the morale of the people” with the aim of facing the King’s Cup final next Saturday against Valencia in Latja.

“Football is like that. It didn’t happen, but the team will continue to fight for important positions, and defeats should affect the mood 24 hours a day. There is no reason to question it,” he said.

The Santiago coach did not regret the squad because it “would make him think if he kept people and lost”, but said he put together “eleven mixed teams, like all year” and “what to do was done” because he didn’t think there were “physical problems” before Saturday’s final” or Valencia will arrive better than Betis.

Pellegrini believes that “this match will be conditioned on the performance of the two teams” and warned that “Valencia is a difficult competitor in many respects”, which recommended his players to have “a calm head so as not to fall into various provocations.” We hope it will be a good football match.”

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