May 19, 2022

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Health allocates 36 million to improve infrastructure and stability of professionals in Menorca

Health allocates 36 million to improve infrastructure and stability of professionals in Menorca

The Menorca Health District Revitalization Plan will be granted 36 million euros to invest in improving and creating infrastructure as well as in employee stability. This Wednesday was announced by the Minister of Health, Patricia Gomez, accompanied by IB-Salut’s general manager, Julie Foster, and the director of the Insular Health Area, Anna Trinado, after a meeting at Matteo Orvilla Hospital.

The plan envisages various investments, some of which were announced long ago, but now, Foster emphasized, it already has a dedicated economic component ensuring its implementation, among which are major reforms, such as the second phase of the future Verge del Toro hospital for chronic diseases. 15 million euros, and others of less but not less than expected value, such as the works in the Es Mercadal health unit, which cost 220 thousand euros, to provide it with the rehabilitation area.

Gomez wanted “above all Refuting this myth that professionals don’t come to Menorca, not only is this not truebecause we see more arrivals and we also have more working professionals,” he emphasized, “the investment in personnel expenses in 2015 was 51 million euros and last year it was 69.6, nearly 20 million euros, and that means restoring rights, better salaries and more employees. ».

On the other hand, out of the 11 professionals incorporated in Menorca, three of them have been integrated in different specialties by Matteo Orvilla Hospital.

“The government is committed and the proof of this is that we want to keep the 46 people who joined during the pandemic, a measure that will cost 1.3 million euros,” he explained.

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It also announced that 60 specialists will improve their contracts from temporary to permanent.