May 23, 2022

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Shawn Mendes is honest in the networks about his mental health |  a musician

Shawn Mendes is honest in the networks about his mental health | a musician

Shawn MedisShe presented her first song at the end of March when you’re gone He is in full preparation for his tour Wonder: World TourAnd He opened to his followers during the early hours of April 20 to inform them of the moment he was going through emotionally.

The Canadian singer explained through a note posted on his Twitter page: “There are times when I wonder what I should do with my life. And what I always hear is “Tell the truth, be the truth” he admitted in front of 26.7 million followers.

Shawn Mendes is honest

“Although I feel it’s hard to do. I’m afraid that if people knew and saw the truth, they wouldn’t think of me much. They can get bored of me. So in those moments when I feel the worst, I role-play or hide. The truth is that I have the shape of a young 23-year-old who always feels like he’s flying or drowning.. Maybe it’s how you feel when you’re in your twenties, I don’t know, or maybe it’s just me.”

Shawn Mendes doesn’t have his best moments on a personal levelEspecially after a break Camila’s hair In late 2021, he also wrote about the breakup in his song She will be fine (Everything will be fine), though when you’re gone s summer of love It looks like they are part of what will be their fifth album, a project that there is no news about yet.

“The truth is, I want to show myself to the world 100% real and in the most honest and unique way, no matter what people think, even though I sometimes do. Sometimes I don’t really care what people think and feel free. Although it is often a problem. this is the truth. The truth is, even with all the success I find it hard to feel like I’m not falling. I put so little in what I don’t have, I forgot to see all I did. The truth is, I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.”

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Despite the pop star’s admissions, Shawn Mendes ended his letter with a positive message to his fans, declaring that he is now feeling emotionally better:The truth is, I’m fine, too. I’m just trying to tell the truth and be the truth. I’d like to think saying this might resonate with some people.”