March 1, 2024

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“I was excited in front of the TV.”

“I was excited in front of the TV.”

actress Maria Luisa SoláDubbing Sigourney Weaver in Spanish, she explained that she left “as if in a dream” when she heard the recognition of the North American actress on television, because she could not attend Goya's concert because she was invited early and meant it in advance.

At the International Goya Collection on Saturday, Weaver set aside some of it Words by his voice actor in Spain: “My friend Bill Murray – an actor – always says that I do better in Spanish. An excellent actress who provides voice in Spanish should be with me on stage. She has dubbed me in more than 30 films, her name is Maria Luisa Solá. Thank you from my heart.”

In an interview on Rac1 on Sunday, the Catalan dubbing actress recounted how she lived that moment: “I was at home, sitting, and I got up and… I said “it can't be”She explained: “And I kept looking as if I was dreaming, excited and surprised.”

Sula noted that it is “very nice” for an actress like Weaver to “be exposed to the work of someone who makes her work in another language great,” highlighting that the acting profession Dubbing He added that these actors are not invisible.

Having just turned 85, he admitted that this is the first time in his extensive career that a global star has publicly acknowledged his work: “It's impressive; It was very nice“I'm very happy for myself, my profession, and my teammates.”

Sulla made this clear I can't go to the concert Because they invited her “a day and a half ago” and she couldn't arrange to attend. He ventured that they “definitely” contacted him from the Goya organization when they learned that Weaver would speak about her, although they did not reveal anything to him about the content of the North American actress's speech.

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He made it clear that he would try to contact Weaver Thank you He conveys “everything that was” to her after dubbing it in dozens of films.

Sola is Dubbing reference in Spain She has provided voices for actresses such as Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi Dench, Faye Dunaway, Helen Mirren, Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Fonda, Jacqueline Bisset, and Diane Keaton, among others.