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Ice Cream Molds: We choose the “Top” Sales Option on Amazon |  Best Seller |  an offer

Ice Cream Molds: We choose the “Top” Sales Option on Amazon | Best Seller | an offer

The great heroes of summer and good weather are ice cream, as it is undoubtedly a delicious option to cool off. It can also be a healthy alternative if prepared with it Ice cream moldsLike the from Lékuéa eviction rescue that Cost less than 20 eurosIt includes four units Top selling on Amazonwhere he obtained a degree 4.6 out of 5 And already accumulate More than 8,000 reviews. Customer loves this Rating them “Perfect for Homemade Ice Cream” and giving them five stars.

And their popularity is not surprising, because in addition to being truly versatile, by allowing the choice of ingredients, following an artisanal process and creating unique flavors, these ice cream bars are manufactured by the Lékué brand. A Spanish company famous for its innovations in kitchen appliances and accessories, which are distinguished by their functional design, and their goal of cooking in a healthy and practical way, as well as their resistant and durable materials.

High quality silicone

Lékue’s base when talking about their material is silicone, so these ice cream molds couldn’t be made any other way. The package of four modules includes molds in different colors (yellow, green, red, orange and green) measuring 9.8 x 11.5 x 7 cm.

It is durable and wear-resistant (it can be used repeatedly without losing its non-stick properties or original shape). Plus, it’s very easy to clean (dishwasher safe) and includes a stick for each mold, with a very comfortable grip.

Stackable and lidded

It has a stackable design, so it takes up very little space in the freezer, achieving greater organization. Each mold comes with a lid designed to protect the ice cream and prevent odors or flavors from mixing.

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Plus, the lids have a little tab on the bottom that helps them lift easily when frozen.

It is easy to disassemble

It is also characterized by its ease of release from the mold, thanks to the flexibility of its platinum silicone and its non-stick property, which facilitates the removal of ice cream without breaking or sticking, which results in obtaining perfect lolly shapes, with attractiveness and caution. Power point.

Customizable flavors and ingredients

And last but not least, one of the great advantages of silicone ice cream molds is that they are a healthy alternative to summertime cool off, compared to traditional ice cream. Ideal, above all, for babies and children, as you can choose the exact ingredients and quantities from scratch, creating unique flavours. This is how he asserts This customerwhich also rates them five stars.

Plus, the molds are very easy to fill (in landscape mode) and the purchase package includes recipes that are very easy to follow and even has options for making lactose-free and gluten-free ice cream.

*All purchase prices listed in this article are effective as of May 19, 2023.

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