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If you are looking forward to the Elden Ring then you should definitely check out this awesome six minute trailer.

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I don’t know about you, but the product elden ring It’s just around the corner and I don’t have any nails left to bite into. FromSoftware’s first open world game It is favorably placed among the most awaited games 2022 is full of explosionsAnd if you pay impressions from our colleague Juan Put it in the cloudsHis recent major advance doesn’t make it any easier for the most impatient of us.

Take advantage of the event Red Bull x Elden ringBandai Namco premiered the public trailer for the game. A comprehensive six-and-a-half minute review With all its features plunging us into the middle lands, the dark fantasy universe that is the same George RR Martin Created for the occasion.

Throughout the shots – full of play – FromSoftware sets the tone and character of the game. From its stunning and gloomy setting to its way of developing a successful action RPG formula to take it to an open world full of danger and epic. Including bosses who re-check the quirky style of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Of course, FromSoftware knows how to keep plot surprises safe While showing you the basic elements to keep in mind before embarking on the adventure. From mapping and a quick travel system to customizing our character, developing battles or the importance of our mounts.

In fact, this video will be helpful before we go deeper into it elden ringIn the feature, each of the different categories that we will be able to access in the game and their strengths are shown in the feature. If you are looking forward to the game, You definitely need to see this trailer.

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Here you have the Elden Ring TV stills

Alongside the game’s public trailer, FromSoftware Two new TV ads Which will be released in Japan on the occasion of the release of the game. Each of them has 30 seconds. Of course, we must realize that it is well used.

  • The first focuses on action, combat, exploration, and, in general, In gaming experience. We will see a series of battles, spells and even exciting battles with huge and fearsome creatures of the Middle Lands.
  • The second consists of A series of movie scenes without context that help us immerse ourselves in the game environment and scope. Small starters for the great adventure that FromSoftware is about to unleash.

We are clear on that elden ring It’s one of the most awaited games of the year, if not the most, and soon we’ll see if it meets the huge expectations set and reaffirms our great sentiments. For now, the new FromSoftware will go on sale On February 25, 2022 On PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and should we meet Minimum or Recommended RequirementsWe can also play it on PC. So close, and at the same time, so far.

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