May 16, 2022

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Si usas Windows 10 1909 o 20H2 deberías actualizarlo ya

If you are using Windows 10 1909 or 20H2, you should update it now

With the arrival of Windows 10, in July 2015, Microsoft also started Fairly strict update policy, which attempts to keep users always on updated versions of the operating system. And this is understandable, because since April 2017, with the Windows 10 1703 Creators Update, those from Redmond have not stopped publishing two updates per year, so today, while waiting for new updates, Windows 10 is already adding 13 versions since its launch.

The best way to achieve this goal, and Microsoft knows this well, is to maintain fairly strict control over the lifecycle of each release, which is why It’s been limited to about two years for quite some time now (more, months less) in all versions. In this way, the risk of leaving updates, especially security updates, acts as a catalyst for users to keep their Windows 10 installations up to date.

Now, of course, the big question is what Windows 10 update policy will Microsoft maintain Until October 2025And When the company stops supporting this operating system. What is clear, however, is that only newer versions of it will maintain support. And in just a month, on May 10, we’ll have another sample.

That is, as Microsoft states in windows message centerAnd Support for Windows 10 1909 and Windows 10 20H2 will end on May 10. Let’s remember that 1909 was the second update of 2019, and that its support for Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations editions ended on May 11, 2021, but it’s still available for Enterprise and Education editions. For its part, 20H2 is still supported in all versions, but as of May 10, it will only be maintained for Enterprise and Education.

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For its part, in case you were wondering about the intermediate version between the two, Windows 10 2004, which caused a lot of problems when it was launched, Support for all editions ended on December 14, 2021.

To make it easier to upgrade to Windows 10 21H2, the latest version to date, Windows will automatically start offering the system update:

«To help you stay protected and productive, Windows Update will automatically initiate a feature update for unmanaged Windows 10 home and business devices that are nearing end of service or within several months. This way, your device will continue to receive monthly support and updates necessary for the security and health of the ecosystem. For these devices, you will be able to choose the right time for your device to restart and complete the updateMicrosoft reports.

Taking care of the Windows 10 install park is key, because though Windows 11 continues to grow in user engagementIts predecessor is still the most widely used operating system.