November 30, 2023

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If you have any of these last names, you may be associated with royalty or wealth

If you have any of these last names, you may be associated with royalty or wealth

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Central European time

the Nicknames Our country is part of a great history, Full of dukes and marquises. Spanish geography contains titles associated with royalty, or even associated with wealth and power. If you’re wondering if your last name is part of this select group, these are the names most closely associated with legacies of prosperity.

A few years ago, Forbes magazine published a list of the richest people in the country. They talked about one hundred people who collected a large amount of money. 153,575 million euros. One of the nicknames that was repeated is Ortega, as it goes back to the founder of Zara. Amancio Ortegaand his daughter, Sandra Ortega.

The richest title in Spain is OrtegaWith wealth shared between father and daughter Exceeds 73,000 million euros. Next we find the surname From pineCorresponding to the chief of Ferrovial and his brothers. Closing the platform, we find Dorellahighlighting Sol Dorella Comadran, President of Coca-Cola Europeacific Partners.

On the other hand, we find intestinal, which appears with nine fortunes on the list thanks to two family branches such as Entrecanales Domecq and Entrecanales Franco. Finally, to conclude the list, we have the titles Grifols, Roig, Herez, Mahut, Gervase and Puig.

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