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In Andy Rivera's sexy video, they compare the model's tattoo to one of Lina Tejeiro

In Andy Rivera’s sexy video, they compare the model’s tattoo to one of Lina Tejeiro

Andy Rivera. Photo: Instagram @andyrivera

So far in 2021 the last songs he released Andy Rivera They focus on failed relationships. For starters, he released “Incredible” last February, followed by “I Need You” in April. Its latest release to date has been Someone Else, which has been available since May. However, this Thursday, September 2 The reggaeton player from Pereira turned 180 degrees at the words “Fuego”.His new song released with his video clip.

“This mouth is fire mom, warm me. Tell me what we’re going to do, let’s not give it up. Your body is my weakness, come and try me, give it I want to see you. Let’s not let it fall”, is the chorus of “Fuego”, a song focused on taste A desire between two people.

Just over 15 hours after its premiere, the audio-visual clip has garnered more than 600,000 views on YouTube. “Fuego, in addition to having Andy Rivera as a performer, also had a composer. With Jesus Satana Logo, Julian Maya and Michael Sanchez.

“What’s coming is my people’s candela, this is an appetizer for what the end of this year will be. I hope this gives you a lot, thanks for your support Little Arrow”, The urban singer has expressed in his Instagram Stories his musical future regarding the remaining three months in 2021.

On the other hand, hours before the premiere of the music video for “Fuego,” Rivera defined the video as “the sexiest thing” he’s ever done, and even felt sorry about it. “I was sorry to do that, so I’ll be aware of what they think about how it turned out,” he said on his InstaSotoories.

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Does the model in the “Fuego” video have the same tattoo as Lina Tijirou?:

Well, the comments were a lot and some of them grabbed the attention of the media in particular, because the reggaeton player is once again linked to his ex-girlfriend, Lina Tejero. It should be remembered that their romantic history ended in 2018, but during these three years they have been the champions of speculation here and there about supposed reconciliations, even though both have currently said that they are single.

On this occasion, regarding the video, programs such as Lo Sé Todo have compared the model in the video that he is supposed to share with Lina Tejeiro. The model has some kind of fire emoji tattooed on one of her buttocks and actress Yanira will have an identical or similar image in the same area. Speculation swirls around whether or not it was all just a coincidence. During the video, a close-up of the aforementioned tattoo was made.

I know everything in the Instagram Post.  Photo: losetodocol
I know everything in the Instagram Post. Photo: losetodocol

On the other hand, in addition to Andy Rivera, another Colombian who released the song on Thursday, Mike Bahia, along with Puerto Rican Lenny Tavarez, released “Colorao” with his video.

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