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In New Zealand, Mori MP. He turns his neck into a “colonial tie”

With a tribal tattoo on his face and still wearing a cowboy hat, the tribute to the nickname of his ancestors who served in the Mari Battalion during World War II, Deputy Ravi Waiti is not to be overlooked. Even less in the hemisphere of the New Zealand Parliament. “Do you know what a pebble is in your shoe?” This will be my job here ”, From the beginning, during his first speech, on December 3, 2020, after his election, he started to his colleagues. The promise has been kept.

It took only a few meetings on February 10 for the co-chair of the Maori Party to abandon an internal order from British colonial times: it was mandatory for men to wear a tie. The problem “It simply came to our notice then. What is he The question is, is it Maurice’s right to be Maurice, whether in Parliament or in a pub? (R). I will never bow to white power. I will never give up my culture ”, If he had been struck by thunder the day before A column published New Zealand Herald, The best daily newspaper in the country. The KRV member did not drop anything.

On a pendant symbolizing fertility

So, he was surprised to see her speaking without removing her helmet during her first speech in front of her room at first. As he was about to finish, Raviri Waiti grabbed his dive and pretended to hang on to it. “Remove that string from my neck so I can sing my song”, He cites a Mori-chief Mokomoko who was falsely hanged by the British for murder in 1866.

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Raviri Waiti starts later «Nœud Colonialism To change it a hei-tiki, A human-shaped medal that represents fertility, passed down from generation to generation and is considered a treasure by the Mori community. The tone is set.

Trevor Mallard, Speaker of the House of Representatives, considers Dye “Expired”, Agrees to open the discussion and takes advantage of the holidays to approach elected officials. Without much success. Faced with a majority of negative comments, he abandoned the modification of the rules and warned the Mori deputy. “Need the right clothes”, Otherwise he will be expelled.

But Waiti did not credit. According to him, Hei-Tiki is Mori Die. He would go out the door rather than bow to a rule “Suppresses rights” His people. On February 9, at the start of his parliamentary term, Trevor Mallard asked him to leave the chamber. Not for long. The next day, an internal committee decides to change the rules.

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