June 16, 2024

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In New Zealand, the cove is (almost) ancient history


During France There is a ridge line to avoid re-control. “, And a part of the world is concerned about the spread of variations, there is a country for that Corona virus Is ancient history or almost: New Zealand. “There, we almost forgot about the virus”, confirms the European foreigner living in the capital Wellington on the microphone of Europe 1 Tina. For good reason, only 25 people have died on the islands since the outbreak, and its population has returned to normal life after five weeks in prison in the spring.

“We went to see the All Blocks game in Wellington and we had 30,000 spectators.”

“We always keep it in the back of our head because we’re French and we talk to our families about it … but here, it’s like the corona virus is no more.” Shops, discos and even stadiums are all open. “We went to see an All Blocks game in Wellington and we had 30,000 spectators and it was incredible,” Tina recalled. “There are festivals, concerts, everyone can get together with their families, see their grandparents … you can really do anything.”

General tracking via application

But New Zealand is not without protection against the corona virus: Wellington is betting on a common detection of Govt cases. “We have an application that allows you to find where you are going. That way, once pollution occurs, you can find that person’s travel and contacts,” the French foreigner explains. An anti-Govt strategy works, but that does not prevent it from having a strange feeling: “It’s very different, because in the world we only have the right to do whatever we want.”

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