May 22, 2022

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Les Blues in the final of the Tokyo Olympics against New Zealand

Blue won the semifinals of the Olympic Rugby Sevens against Great Britain (26-19). They are sure to win a medal, gold or silver. To learn the metal, they will challenge New Zealand in the final at 11am.

From the start, Anne-Cecil took control of the Blue crowd after a beautiful overflow on the touchline from Syophony. Seraphim Okemba added another attempt after an intense race. Before the Great Britain break (21-12), Corey Bertrand finished a good tricolor.

Early in the second half, Siobhani scored twice to give France a slight edge. Hannah Smith scored a try to restart Great Britain at the tight end of the game. But the French defense did what was necessary to ensure this historic victory, in the Fiji (12-5), Brazil (40-5), Canada (31-0) pools, and China (24-10) quarters.

New Zealand women are close to corrections

Will find the tournament’s favorite New Zealand in the blue final. But the Blacks had all the trouble to get rid of the surprising Fijians in the semifinals (22-17). With the high score of the crowd, they had to pass extra time to get to the finals, where they would try to do better than the silver medal in Rio five years ago.

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