June 20, 2024

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Video – Recover all the tests of the Olympic finals between France and New Zealand

Even hours after losing the final against Black Ferns, disappointment is still apparent in French hearts, but Blue has to admit that New Zealand were strong in this match – and despite the incomprehensible refereeing results. After all, they had already taken a step back from their fantastic performance in Tokyo, with Carolyn Droin and her associates happily jumping in a circle and in the background, while the women in black took to the stage to collect their medal.

And they are very right. Because of pride, they can get it. Such asTest The final was re-recorded by a French woman. This time, it was not Seraphim Okemba who sowed in the corner, but the Parisian praised an excellent intervention in the operation. Male for French women in mid-line height; A fantastic first-hand movement followed: Camille Crosino’s supporting work to adjust the defense, Okemba was placed at a line break and thrown like a ball, transferred to Utulel and at the end of the attempt, the final pass of On-Cecil Syophony, who removed the last defender with the right inside hook. The 27-year-old hit the final to make his mark at the Olympics, 37 his father Walter was thrown with a hammer. This was during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Not enough to win (26 to 12), but satisfying to win our hearts. See you soon, ladies!

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