June 21, 2024

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Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020: French women subjugate New Zealand women (26-12) but get paid

A minute later, at the end of the race, after a major breakthrough and a cross pass, Michael Blythe made his first attempt for New Zealand. Following the rescue ball, two minutes after Carolyn Drooyne started the New Zealand scoring, he crossed the entire field and gave the French hope. The turning point came directly after New Zealand’s second attempt. In the exit, Seraphim Okemba conceded a penalty for keeping the ball on the ground, giving Black Ferns the chance to make their third attempt just seconds before half-time.

The French, who completely lost the ball in the first act, were directly thankful to realize Siophony after a good series at the New Zealand camp. But, very immoral, finally on Black Ferns’ last attempt, the Frenchmen disbanded within three minutes from the end.

Tokyo 2020

Blue Silver medalists captain Fanny Horta: “We can be proud of this team”

6 hours ago

End to end ball lost

The French team scored two of its most important possessions in two attempts. The evil and strategy of the New Zealanders made a difference at the end of the first half, especially in the third record of the 2016 finalists, the difference was definitely made. But there is disappointment, the Frenchmen conceded several penalties and made several shortcomings in the match to suspect Woodman’s teammates. Instead, the new Olympic champions were able to manage their possessions and wear French defenses.

Goal achieved

Five years after finishing 6th in the Rio Games, the Blues are aiming for at least one medal. While fellow players are apparently targeting the most beautiful metals, this 2nd place in the land of the rising sun comes into many years of preparation for this great deadline. The Blues, who have to face a qualifier in Monaco, have never trembled as president and will never be able to express themselves at their fair share in this final.

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Tokyo 2020

4 attempts at a record: Summary of Les Blues semifinals in video

17 hours ago

Tokyo 2020

An achievement for the final dream: Blue will challenge New Zealand for gold

18 hours ago