Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Olympic Games: Fiji – New Zealand Final, Here is the link to watch the final live (11am)!

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So will compete in the final of the Olympics New Zealand To Fiji ! Tonight, the reigning Olympic champions wonArgentina (26-14, with a Test Of Rotratra seeds), The creator of the removal sensationSouth Africa. So they will challenge New Zealand, for its part, to be able to block the big oneBrittany (29-7). With the silver medalists in Rio, the British can still win bronze: the start for the mini-finals will be given today at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

For the final between New Zealand and the Fijians, it is necessary to wait until 11am. To make sure you don’t lose anything if these matches don’t air on TV, the direct link is here France TV:

To watch the finals of the Olympics live, click here!

What about the general classification? In the context of the latter, The Japan Finally won the match for 12th and 11th place against South Korea. The ‘Ireland, Kenya, who removed France during the TQO, is in 10th place after appearing in 9th place. Finally, theAustralia Win Canada To take 7th place. As we write these lines, South Africa (the bronze medalist in Rio) is getting ready to challenge United States For 5th place.

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