June 23, 2024

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Indianapolis 500 delayed due to rain and thunderstorms

Indianapolis 500 delayed due to rain and thunderstorms

CAs was expected almost from the beginning of the practices, the dispute over Indianapolis 500 She looks dangerous Affected by rain. A few moments ago, council members Indianapolis Motor Speedway They had to Delay the start of the race by Electrical storms That haunts the huge sports facility.

US regulations specify when Thunderstorms approaching 8 miles An outdoor sports venue is mandatory Evacuate the stands To ensure the safety of spectators. In the case of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, due to its very high capacity (235,000 seats, plus motorcycles), officials have already announced that This security perimeter will be expanded to 15 miles.

20:30 or 21:00, possible start time

The weather forecast indicated this Rain will hit the track at 12:00 local time (18:00 Spain time)with the beginning of the pre-race ritual, which was so emotional at the Indy 500. But even Before that happened, action was taken by Electrical storms. At 11:15 Fans were asked to leave the stands And take shelter so as not to be affected by the storm.

President of the Chamber, Doug PaulsHe explained that his expectations indicate that Track activity can resume between 8:30pm and 9:00pm Spanish time (14:30/15:00 local time), depending on how quickly the track dries. At that moment when the race can begin.

If the race cannot start today, or if it starts later and rain makes it impossible to cover 50% of the total distance (200 laps, 500 miles), The Indy 500 will be moved to Monday…Although the forecast for that day is also very complex.

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Rain is the protagonist from day one

The 108th edition of the Indianapolis 500 took place Rain is a companion… even before the first green flag is raised On Tuesday, May 14th. Because even in Pre-testing in April There were incidents with storms.

the First test session practically It cannot be disputedNor half a second on Wednesday the fifteenth Race-ready mode is in trouble -The work they usually focus on until Thursday-. In reality, The organization had to extend the training schedule Six to eight hours…and even on Thursday they weren’t fully finished either.

during On the qualifying weekend the weather was milderBut the forecast even then was very bad for this Sunday. At the moment, it has been fully confirmed.