May 17, 2022

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Indycar 2022: Alex Ballou described him as the champion: 'We act as if we haven't won'

Indycar 2022: Alex Ballou described him as the champion: ‘We act as if we haven’t won’

aEven so February 27 does not start 2022 season of IndyCar With the opening test in St Petersburg, the American single-seat competition is already heating up, with its new champ Alex Ballou, to the head.

The Catalan was the great protagonist of the first Media Day From the year you brought Ads As important as merging the Colombian Tatiana Calderon for Del Quinn (Specifically the one that brought Palu to the United States). His first impressions of Champion in the title It was meant to reflect their feelings before A new role in the competition this year.

“It will be an interesting year, with a lot of competition. There are new drivers and others starting teams, It will be a challenge. But we worked like we didn’t win last year, so I think I’ll be ready to fight again.”

No extra pressure

the Janase I confess Don’t feel extra pressure Being the reference in the class of the 2022 season: “There is always pressure, in all sports but even more so in motorsport, where you risk your contract. I don’t think I’m under more pressure than last year, I’d say less.. But this is neither good nor bad. We’ve shown it We can win the championshipTo win races and be on top. You just have to keep doing it.”

To achieve this goal, Balu is clear about some aspects that he must do Increase your performance…also to look forward to this year’s other great goal: Indianapolis 500: “It is clear that in oval. I think we’ll be doing about 10 races between 2020 and 2021. I still have to increase my experience there, gain confidence, figure out how to run the races… You have to try to win the first race on the ovals

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Alex Ballou and Chip Ganassi will defend the title in the 2022 season.Chris Owens

Another side is classification. We have to start more times in front, It should be a priority. We’ve almost always been able to get to Fast 6 or above 10, but We only made one pole. If we improve on that we will have easier races.”

Before IndyCar… 24 hours in Daytona

season Alex BallouYes, it starts before February. Specifically, she’ll be doing so next weekend with the practice sessions before her first big event of the year: The 24 hours in Daytona. It will also be the first appearance of the resistance to the Catalan Janase.

“I am so excited. It will be My first 24 hour race, great event, in Daytona, with DPi, with my team, with the riders I’m going to be competing with… it would be great. I can’t wait to start spinning. “