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: InfoJobs records 264,000 vacancies in November:

: InfoJobs records 264,000 vacancies in November:

10/12/2021 Retail sales became the most prominent category of the month, marking the Christmas and Black Friday campaign. In November 2020, the platform scored half of the jobs offered compared to 2021. #Most in-demand professionals: Telemarketers, trade representative, and delivery vehicle drivers top a ranking that still counts on nearly 11,000 job openings, up 24% from October .

informations, the leading recruitment platform in Spain, registered a total of 264,501 job vacancies in Spain last November, up 10.5% from October (239,439).

The numbers recorded this past month are again higher than those collected two years ago in November 2019 (218,600), before the arrival of COVID-19. However, on this occasion, the difference with that period is especially significant. Namely, the platform registers around 50,000 more vacancies than in November 2019. In addition, the inter-annual variance follows the same trend as in recent months with significant growth (+104% in relation to November 2020, when 129 were made, 675 jobs: half that currently).

Once again, the rise in vacancies is in line with data provided last week by Social Security and the Department of Labor, which reported an average increase in associates in November of 109,451 workers. Hence, the number of shareholders is 19,700,000. On the other hand, unemployment data fell by 74,381 people to 3,182,687 registered. Finally, the number of workers affected by temporary employment regulation files in November decreased to 125,632.

Once again, the data reported by InfoJobs during November is mainly due to a rush of Black Friday and Christmas campaigns, which drove hiring in the categories of Purchasing, Logistics and Warehouse, Commercial and Sales, Customer Service and Retail.

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Commerce and Sales Purchasing, logistics, warehousing and customer service meet 47% of vacancies

Specifically, the Commerce and Sales categories, with 18.7% of all vacancies; Purchasing, logistics and warehousing (16.7%) and customer service (11.4%) accounted for nearly half of November’s job openings (47%).

The most growing categories this month are retail (+42%), with nearly 10,000 job openings, and marketing and communication, which includes more than 5,000 job openings – 51% more than in October-; and Business Administration, which amounts to nearly 9,000 vacancies and is up 26%. Other categories stand out as well, such as shopping, logistics, and warehousing (+18%, with over 44,000 open positions) and customer service (+13% and over 30,000 jobs on display), linked to the Black Friday and Christmas campaigns.

On the other hand, the categories that recorded the worst performance in the last month are education and training, which decreased by 26% (3300 vacancies) and human resources which decreased by 10% (3000 vacancies).

Finally, in November of this year, two categories remained in the number of vacancies compared to the previous month: professions and arts and crafts, which decreased by 21,800 vacancies by only 1%; Real estate and construction, with 4,200 jobs, decreased 0.3%.

Most In-Demand Professionals on InfoJobs in November

In this month of November, telemarketers, salespeople and delivery vehicle drivers take the top three positions in the ranking of the most sought-after positions. Another month, the developer profile appears, in seventh place (one measure compared to last month), which collects about 7,000 job openings. In addition, the dependent remains in the rankings with nearly 11,000 vacancies, up 24% from October.

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43% of the vacancies offered a fixed-term contract and 24% an indefinite contract

Among the job vacancies registered with InfoJobs, a total of 113,116 jobs were posted that offered a fixed-term appointment, representing 43% of the contract type vacancies reported. On the other hand, indefinite contracts, 63,295, represented 24% of the total on the platform.

In November, in terms of the type of work day to be carried out, vacancies that provide full-time working hours predominated, accounting for 60% of the total. 20% of the jobs offered are part-time.

Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and the Valencian Community focus 71% of jobs in Spain

The autonomous communities that generated the most jobs in November are Madrid, with a concentration of 30% of total vacancies, followed by Catalonia which accounts for 22% of the total; Then Andalusia (11%) and Valencian Community (9%). Specifically, InfoJobs collected a total of 78,957 job vacancies for the Community of Madrid, which grew by 6% compared to the previous month. For its part, Catalonia, which records 57,206 jobs offered, grew by 10%. It is followed by Andalusia with 27,994 vacancies (+14%) and Valencian Community with 23,093 vacancies (+7%).

This is the evolution of the jobs posted at InfoJobs with all the freelance communities: