October 22, 2021

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International Widow's Day in Valencia: Marcelino returns to Mestalla

International Widow’s Day in Valencia: Marcelino returns to Mestalla

The Athletic coach, who was unfairly expelled from ‘Che’ club in September 2019, has returned to what used to be his home and where he left big sensations.

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Marcelino returns to Mestalla. He will do so with the aura of the fallen hero. It specifically occurred on September 11, 2019, the day Valencia took the wheel to stop becoming a winning team and turn into a squad that has been dragging the shield across Spanish fields ever since.

On that day, Peter Lim decided to blow up a project that Marcelino and Matteo Alemani managed to restructure from the rubble based on hard work and good management. Obviously, not all signatures were successful, and as in every neighbor’s house, there were also recruitment failures. But make no mistake, even Munchi died in the treasury, how could they not get the others.

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What are we going to. Marcelino is back on the field with his most successes to date. Mestalla eagerly awaits his former technician and with a legion of “widows” ready to break the palm of his hand, he applauds the Astorians. For those who don’t know, the term “widow” was coined, for the most part lightly, by those who advocated the sacking of Marcelino in his days. They are few, but they are noisy. The naysayers mean. There are many widows, so how could it be otherwise?

Today Marcelino will receive the applause that his fans could not give him when he was still managing the team, because he was fired by a sudden fire by a businessman who does not understand and will never understand what Valencia Football Club is.

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But make no mistake, the ovation and clamor should end in Marcelino’s favor once the match begins. From there, Mestalla must pay alone, who with Jose Bordalas seems to have found an oasis amid a neglected administration from Singapore. Valencia needs to win after two setbacks and it has to be against Marcelino. Reserve a seat, because World Widow’s Day is coming to Valencia.