July 1, 2022

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Google Play Movies is now Google TV

You may remember that almost two years ago convert Google Play Movies How do global manager flow, though the movement given was timid and, as a consequence, poor enough to consider it nothing more than the annoyance it had always been. But all that will change with the premiere of Google TV, a new approach to look and feel that is already beginning to be made available to all users of the old app.

In fact, Google Play Movies, like some of the other apps that Mountain Views has included in nearly every Android phone sold, whether the buyer wants it or not, has always been and almost everyone has, An annoyance, an existing app, that can’t be uninstalled and never used…or this is what it sounds like: a lot of people buy movies from time to time, but a lot of people never or hardly ever do, as if to justify the beating.

What more and more people are doing Subscribe to video-on-demand services And either because there are those who have a lot of vice, a lot of free time, or simply because they join a show, participate in an account or can afford it, they are involved in more than one show: Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV +… This is the most popular, not the only, video on demand service, and owning more than one service sometimes means the complexity of managing – reviewing and writing what you want to see – into a bug.

Google Play Google TV Movies

Well, look at the picture on these lines, because Google Play Movies is now Google TV: Same application, different design and functionality. Or what is the same, the app that before was worth controlling only in some way the movies you bought or rented on Google Play and mostly searching for content available in VOD, as well as managing the list of “things to watch later”, turns into a truly comprehensive content.

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Thus, Google Play Movies becomes Google TV A global content manager, whether purchased or rented on Google Play, or available in the catalogs of different VOD platforms on the market…at least the most popular, and it really is. Tired of spreading everything and pointing out and reviewing every platform’s listings before you start seeing something? There are other applications and services that facilitate the work, but who does not have a Google account?

actually notu list de Google«? It’s a built-in Google search function we’ve been talking about a while back and it’s like the embryo of all this. Of course, if Google Play Movies is combined with this list, then Google TV will be no less, so you can manage it from the most comfortable place for you: are you with your mobile phone and does the app recommend something? Write it down. Are you browsing with your computer and looking for something you want to see? Explain it.

you can find Google TV is already visible on Google PlayAlthough it is possible that even though it appeared there, the icon change to the new Google style was included, on your Android phone Google Play Movies still appeared with the usual interface and functionality, as well as doing it as if it had been completely updated. Don’t worry because The change will be gradual and will happen over the next few weeks And when you do, you’ll know what it’s all about.

And if you’re wondering if this new Google TV has anything to do with it Which you find in the new Chromecast… The answer is clearly yes, but with nuances. The nuances that will be revealed with the distribution of the previous update to all users, or non-users, of the devices of the Internet giant. Because most people probably switch from Google Play Movies, but Google TV is another, more interesting thing.

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