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The third round of the Venezuelan dialogue has been postponed due to the absence of Maduro's delegation

The third round of the Venezuelan dialogue has been postponed due to the absence of Maduro’s delegation

Madrid, September 25 (Europe Press) –

The start of the third round of Venezuelan dialogue negotiations taking place in Mexico City has been postponed after the delegation of Nicolás Maduro’s government did not turn up for the appointment scheduled for Friday.

While members of the Venezuelan Unitary Program are already in Mexico City on Friday for the meeting, government representatives will not arrive until Saturday, the press service of the head of the government delegation, Jorge Rodriguez, reported, according to Venezuela’s VPI network. .

“We will be in Mexico tomorrow,” Rodriguez told Russia’s Sputnik news agency. Hours earlier, Rodriguez himself had leveled severe accusations against the US ambassador to Venezuela, James Storey.

In doing so, he asserted, Storey “insulted the dialogue table in Mexico” and the delegates of the opposition delegation, “to whom he appears to be giving orders”. “The Bolivarian government will never attend to an agenda that tries to impose this character. He will outsmart Superman,” he settled on his Twitter account.

The South American country’s vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, also criticized Storey’s words, who said a “negotiated agreement” was the only way to reduce Washington’s sanctions on Venezuela.

“It is shameful how James Storey gives orders to the colonial and puppet opposition of Venezuela on what to do at the dialogue table,” he said. “It represents a failed project, scattering the dust of defeat in our lands. So it will be forever! Amen!”

Although it is expected to resume the scheduled round of negotiations on Saturday, the absence of the delegation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has raised concern, because it occurs after the Prime Minister of Norway, the state sponsor of the dialogue, Erna Solberg, had expressed in the framework of the United Nations General Assembly He expressed his concern about the “gross violations of human rights” in the Caribbean country, according to what was reported by the Venezuelan newspaper “El Nacional”.

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“In the absence of the regime delegation today, the Single Platform delegation reiterates its commitment to move forward with this process, always within the framework of the previously agreed rules of the “memorandum of understanding” – signed before the start of the “dialogue -,” the opposition delegation stated in a statement issued by its leader, Gerardo Blade, Via his Twitter account.

At the same time, the opposition bloc influenced that it is in Mexico with the goal of “progressing” in the constitution of the Social Concern Agenda to “strengthen infant feeding, transplantation and child immunization programs” in the country, among other things “. Equally important.”

He also noted that the third round of negotiations will open the door to discussion on “building the justice system”, as it is “hijacked” in the country, where “the opposition is persecuted and imprisoned and impunity is promoted.”

The consolidated platform underlined our “commitment” to dialogue despite the absence of Maduro’s delegation on Friday “that is what we have come to, in the face of the country and because of its mandate.”

The new round will focus, in principle, on mechanisms to assist the national economy, such as the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights, and on the institutional framework and reform of the judicial system, according to the issued statement. After the second round of negotiations.

The new dialogue is mediated by Norway and supported by Mexico as a neutral ground for negotiations. On everyone’s mind, the November 21 provincial and local elections, in which I offered to participate for the first time in three years, and which once again brought back the common flag of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD)). The opposition has achieved its recent electoral successes.

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