August 19, 2022

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Puma did not finish before New Zealand at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Puma did not finish before New Zealand at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Argentina lost 33 to 14 in the second leg. Now, there is still one game left in the group stage against South Korea.

After scoring Australia In the introduction, In the second match, Beaumas defeated New Zealand 33-14. Thus, they still have a game South Korea, To find a place in the next stage of Rugby 7 Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Puma did not finish before New Zealand at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Puma did not finish before New Zealand at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Led team Santiago Gomez Cora He started the game with his right foot with an attempt Monetta labels After two minutes of play. However, the response of the Maritime Committee was immediate They went to rest from 14 to 7 p.m., Thanks for both attempts Miss McCorvey-Black and Zion Molia. The first, in addition, contributed to two changes to retirement.

The second part began with a quick Argentine response, which was the result of an effort Luciano Gonzalez, Replaced by Santiago Mare. But the New Zealand team strengthened again with three more attempts (Joe Weber, Tim Mickelson and William Warbrick) And a change to close the competition 35 a 14.

I leave the day happy, a sad hole for the last game, but it was a great day. We have a tough part but we can at least beat Australia, which is a direct competitor. Tomorrow, with Korea, we will try to find the classifier for the quarterfinals“, Under control Monetta labels In conversation with Daisy Sports.

No matter who it is, it is always painful to lose. We played against a great moment, it was a moment of knowing that we had to measure ourselves. We damaged them, and then we tried to think and think about the quarterfinals because there was not much use in burning multiple cards. This is the strategy, which is not only success, knowing how to show the cardsThe coach said, Santiago Gomez Cora.

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Now, Argentina’s next game is today, before 22 p.m. South Korea To close Group A. For the time being, Los Pumas is located The second zone with four units is still relying on location and progress themselves. According to the qualifying system, they advance to the next round Two top teams and two top third parties in each groupThe remaining teams will play the games needed to define the final levels.

Puma’s 7 schedule at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  • Sunday 25/07 22.30 Argentina 29-19 Australia
  • Monday 07/26 05.30 Argentina 14-35 New Zealand
  • Monday 26/07 22.00 Argentina Against South Korea

Photo: Getty Images

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