July 14, 2024

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Is another tour possible?  From the small resort in the Alps to Thailand, the Kovit-19 epidemic acted as an electric shock

Is another tour possible? From the small resort in the Alps to Thailand, the Kovit-19 epidemic acted as an electric shock

Key West, a seaside resort in Florida, the southernmost point of the United States, has nothing against tourism. In 2019, the city, home to 25,000 people, had 1.2 million passengers on board. She controls the location of cars in the city center, keeps her Caribbean homes ripe, maintains Ernest Hemingway’s ex-house, and tolerates street performers on the docks at sunset. Thanks to them it is one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States.

But when tourists stopped coming, in the spring of 2020, Key West residents responded by calling for a referendum on the future of travel. In November 2020, more than 60% of voters answered “yes” to restricting the number of daily passengers, banning sea giants – having more than 1,300 people on board – and giving priority to low-pollution ships.

Motivations Above All Environment: The arrival of large cruise ships damaged coral reefs, one of the main attractions of the Keys Archipelago. But the economy was at the center of the campaign: after a year without ships banned in the United States due to the Covit-19 epidemic, the results of major tourists were very satisfactory. The promised catastrophe did not happen in the slightest attempt to brake by the shipping industry.

This is one of the consequences of the suspension of tourism: from the small resort in the Alps to Thailand, one of the most visited countries in the world, many regions have the opportunity to review their tourism development policy. As Covit-19 acted as an electric shock and motivator to act in an event that was widely regarded as uncontrollable; When it was thought.

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Sourourism and the impact of climate

Everywhere, bringing tourists back to renew a portion of the economy that is a source of employment is a short-term concern. But in places, this does not preclude medium and long-term concern. Tourism, as a source of magic money until now, has suddenly emerged in the eyes of public authorities in all its dimensions.

“Tourism was evident everywhere, Stephen Durand mentions from Voltaire, a specialized company of the Aegis. The epidemic highlighted its massive impact on the Isle-de-France economy, but also on the atmosphere of Paris; At the same time, communities were aware that they were being affected by the effects of tourism. “

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