July 4, 2022

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"Is this really happening?"

“Is this really happening?”

Graham, Lauren and their three daughters: twins Maya and Carla and their sister Lyon

Orthopedic surgeon Graham Dickason Last Thursday night Timaru came home from work one day at the hospital and found the lifeless bodies of his three daughters. His wife Lauren, Medicine, Charged with murder.

Is this really happening?Dickason shouted in unbelievable frustration at what he was observing. According to the report, this is how his neighbor described the events Glass.

Graham, Lauren and their three daughters – twins Maya and Carla, and their sister Leon- They moved to New Zealand a week ago after serving compulsory isolation in a hotel after arriving from South Africa.

The girls were killed Thursday
The girls were killed Thursday

Daily Mail Said Lauren He was quiet in the boat From the Timaru District Court after being charged with murder. She was found depressed and confused but did not plead guilty. He was transferred to the psychiatric ward until his next appointment in the Timaru High Court on October 5.

Graham with his wife Lauren
Graham with his wife Lauren

The couple has been married for 15 years. He was released from isolation after 14 days at the hotel. Following the newspaper quoted, a neighbor speculated that the stress of being isolated “for so long” may have caused Lauren a crisis.

The family recently emigrated to New Zealand
The family recently emigrated to New Zealand

The first noise we heard was the sound of someone crying, and then the sound of someone closing the door., ”He told a local newspaper Subject La Vesina Jade Fence.

“Through our fence we could see someone wandering behind the house and crying,” he added.

Twins Maya and Carla, and their sister Lyon
Twins Maya and Carla, and their sister Lyon

Another resident, Karen Cooper, heard a man crying. “Is this really happening?”. He continued: “We asked him if he was well. He did not respond to us, and he continued to scream.

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The former South African neighbor, who did not want to be named, added that the couple was very “grateful” for their children. “They absolutely adored those children. They were very grateful for what they got because they fought so hard to get her pregnant and when they finally gave birth to women, they loved them, ” he said.

An unnamed former neighbor of South Africa, the couple is very close to their children
An unnamed former South African neighbor said the couple were very “grateful” for their children.

Something did not join. I do not know if this is the stress of New Zealand, going there, being isolated for so long and not being able to cope with it all …“, he said.

For her part, the girls’ grandmother said the family suffered from not being able to understand what had happened. “In fact, it is not yet integrated. We are in a terrible shock. We are doomed” He said Subject.

Former Pretoria nanny Mendy Cipioni has said she has no background in recommending a family in trouble.
Former Pretoria nanny Mendy Cipononi says she has no background in recommending a family in trouble.

Meanwhile, former Pretoria nanny, Mendy Siponyoni, said she had no background in recommending a family in trouble. Both parents had “She loved her children as much as anyone else“Ms. Dickason is an angel,” Mendy said, described on Facebook.

Just four months ago, Lauren She paid a loving public tribute to her husband on Facebook. “Happy 15th Wedding Day. What an adventure! He wrote.

“We have really created a beautiful family and we are happy together. May the coming years be very blessed and happy and let the children let us sleep,” he added.

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Judge Dominic Draviditsky He ordered a report under New Zealand criminal law to determine Ms Dickason’s state of mind at the time of the killings.

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