June 28, 2022

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It is urgent to break the dominance of telecommunications in the West 'world' granma

It is urgent to break the dominance of telecommunications in the West ‘world’ granma

Caracas, Venezuela. A media dictatorship, similar to the one that struck Venezuela 20 years ago during the fascist coup against Hugo Chavez, is attacking Russia this time, and Nicolas Maduro has denounced it again.

As an example of the communicative authoritarianism of the West against the Eurasian nation, Maduro cited the apparent censorship of restricted access from his own mobile device: “From this phone I watched RT (Russia Today), Sputnik and other things,” she said.

Receiving the participants of the International Anti-Fascist Summit at the Miraflores Palace, which gathered more than 200 guests from fifty countries in Caracas, the Venezuelan head of state recalled that, as part of the 2002 coup d’état, the oath forged a process for telling lies that were passed by the private media.

In the same room, where on April 12, 2002 the constitutional powers of Venezuela were dissolved and replaced by a dictatorship, Maduro showed the event participants the televised sequences of the fascist attack that the people defeated in less than 48 hours.

He spoke of news silence, omissions, censorship, manipulation and other elements associated with the media dictatorship imposed on the legitimate Chavez government, which now prevents users from the European Union from accessing Sputnik and Russia Today, through Google, YouTube, Meta Platforms and the Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook console.

“The West has decided to reduce the gaps in freedom, building a war story that justifies the unjustifiable, in Ukraine and in scenarios of potential conflict escalation,” Maduro said.

But he added: “We have also seen, from social media, how communicative dominance is being resisted and shattered, and this must be a great goal: to break the story, the narrative, the message, and the lie of the West against the emergence of a different, multipolar, multicentric world.”

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