July 5, 2022

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Items and progress you keep and lose when starting a new adventure

Items and progress you keep and lose when starting a new adventure

I told you everything you wanted to know elden ring: Each topic is important, how to get it All prizesThe best weapons s spellsand he all endings s How to get it, etc. Now is the time to turn the page and start over: what awaits you in New Game +? What things and progress do you keep and what do not wait for you?

New Game+ in Elden Ring: How exactly does it work?

When he beat the last boss in elden ring, the warning allows you to select two options: start the new game + live or stay in your world to continue exploring, collect items, and complete the map. In previous games FromSoftware was not polite and started the new game + directly.

If you choose the second option, you will be back in your own world. To start the new game + you must go to round shaped table And he interacted with the great grace that exists precisely with such a table.

And you will ask yourself: What do I keep and what do I lose? This information is very interesting, in particular If you are waiting for DLC And you don’t want to lose what you have.

Everything you keep in the new game +

  • Character level and stats
  • Full map and locations of the world (no, thanks for the quick travel)
  • Weapons, Armor, Shields, Spells, Spells, Magic, Ashes of War and Ashes of Summoning. All upgrades are included.
  • Consumables and crafting items and recipes.
  • Memories of defeated leaders.
  • Medica’s miracle vial and all the tears I’ve collected.
  • Health and CP vials upgrades, including unused golden seeds.
  • The runes that you carry with you, including those that you carry in your inventory without consuming them.

Everything you don’t keep in the new + game

  • Reset themes and story. All characters are non-playable. As if you haven’t been before.
  • Check all essential items, mission items, keys, and the like.
  • lose all thanks. You can see the entire map, but you have to find them all again.
  • Shortcuts are closed.
  • Roaming Shrines have been reset.
  • Personal areas are lost.

What other changes are there when the new game + starts?

The most important change is Difficulty increasing With each turn, max NG + 7. Enemies have more health and damage. The biggest jump is from the first game to the second with an increment of 50%, so don’t be surprised to die at first. From the third game onwards, the difficulty increase is reduced to 10% per turn.

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Increasing the difficulty increases the acquisition of runes. The increment varies by cycle. Good example: Margit offers you 60,000 runes. In rough calculations, it’s a 200% to 500% increase depending on the enemy (and spells).

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