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It's hard to believe it was real, but PlayStation had a much-criticized “banana controller” that almost became an official PS3 peripheral – PlayStation 3

It's hard to believe it was real, but PlayStation had a much-criticized “banana controller” that almost became an official PS3 peripheral – PlayStation 3

The first presentation of the PS3, in 2005, was accompanied by an unusual console that quickly disappeared from Sony's plan.

As with any sector that seeks to be at the forefront when it comes to technological advancement, the video game industry has surprised on numerous occasions with initiatives that include everything from Very cool ideas And even Such strange and illogical events That deserves to be kept in a drawer. Because innovation does not always come hand in hand with the most successful and Play Station This phenomenon was witnessed by the introduction of the third desktop console. Yes, Sony's gaming branch has made its mark with amazing experiences and powerful consoles that prove its good work in this field of entertainment. But he also had strange setbacks such as… “bananamando” for PlayStation 3.

We are talking specifically about the controller that accompanied the PS3 on its first public appearance, which was one of the most exciting moments of E3 2005. With a very strange shape, which deviated from the already known design of the DualShock, this device was called by the gaming community like “Bananamanando.”' also 'com. boomerangcontrollingTo get a similar silhouette to these two elements. As you can already imagine, Sony was quick to get rid of this device To direct your gaze towards the brand's more traditional controls. However, it's worth remembering the short life of this curious device, which was promoted for some time as a peripheral to accompany the new PlayStation console.

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Something that was strangely ignored

E3 2005 will be remembered by many, among other things, for being the frame of the PS3's presentation. As rumors leading up to the event suggested, Sony was tapping part of the festival to Disclosure of technical characteristics Your new desktop console; The conference was accompanied, as is usual in the industry, by videos, specifications and other details that sought to raise the expectations of the gaming community for the launch of the device in 2006. And while the PlayStation 3 displayed all its peculiarities, there was a device in the background that witnessed all this series of data taking place. Without drawing much attention: Boomstick-shaped control unit.

The console never received an official name and became known only because it accompanied the PS3 in images and promotions.

Because Sony didn't spend a single minute of the conference talking about this particular peripheral. As a matter of fact It never received an official name He became known because, simply put, he accompanied the PS3 on stage, in promotional images and at the show where the Japanese console was shown to the public. Its characteristics? unknown. The reason behind her amazing figure? Complete puzzle.

And as it came, it went. After receiving criticism from gamers regarding its ergonomics and its reputation as “bananamando,” Sony discontinued this device without making much noise. Because at the subsequent E3 in 2006, PlayStation revealed the existence of the SixAxis (the controller that would later be replaced by the DualShock 3) and He ended the short life of his renegade project.

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Back to the “familiarity” of the DualShock

What happened to the first PS3 controller? First of all, as Patrick Siebold, Director of Corporate Communications and Social Networks at Sony Computer Entertainment, commented in an interview with IGN Back in 2012, the device was never seen as a definitive console project: “The original PlayStation 3 console revealed at E3 2005 was Prototype design Which we wanted to be ready for the first product presentation.

“The original PlayStation 3 console was a prototype design that we wanted to have ready for the first product presentation” (Patrick Siebold).

The director continued: “It was clearly met with a very strong reaction, some in favor and others against the design.” “After E3, while we were running a variety of tests Focus group All over the world, it was clear that PlayStation customers and fans wanted to experience their PlayStation 3 games The familiarity and feel of the award-winning DualShock design“And we made that change.”

In this way, “bananamando” disappeared from PlayStation's strategy regarding the promotion and launch of the PS3. However, the special design of this device is still remembered by society today, and there are those who would have liked to have such a peripheral; Whether to play or to keep as a collector's item. But what's clear is that it was community feedback (both online and in internal PlayStation tests) that determined this It had to go away.

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