May 27, 2022

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"I've already done enough."  Jim Carrey announces he took a break from acting after 'Sonic 2: The Movie'

“I’ve already done enough.” Jim Carrey announces he took a break from acting after ‘Sonic 2: The Movie’

In 2014 after “Two stupid idiots”Jim Carrey has decided to put his career on hold, and we’ve only seen him in disparate roles like those in “Dark crime” or “Mythical.” ‘kidding’.

So, Returning in style as Dr. Robotnik On “Sonic: The Movie” It was a joy for all the fans after seeing him having a hard time in the documentary ‘Jim and Andy’. Now, having shown that it is still the same as ever, Jim Carrey He decided to rest again…maybe forever. He said, “I’ve done enough.” Getting to Hollywood.

Text written in gold

He is “Sonic 2: The Movie” The last time we saw the actor on the big screen? It’s not the first time he’s spoken What brings peace and spiritual lifeintended for drawing and calm, although it is also true Not all doors are closed from Hollywood.

It depends, if the angels bring me a text written in gold telling me that it will be really important to people, I may do it, but I will rest.

The actor feels it At the age of sixty he’s already done enough, although he is open to a comeback if the actress wants him, as Dolly Parton recently suggested, to play Porter Wagner in her autobiography. Currently, Hayao Miyazaki has not yet been produced in three years, Jim Carrey’s career, which has been plagued by memorable films such as “The Truman Show”And the ‘the mask’ or ‘Humanitarian!’ She stopped voluntarily. We will miss you Jim.