July 1, 2022

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Jacinta Ordner marks the start of the New Zealand ski season

Jacinta Ordner marks the start of the New Zealand ski season

The Tourism in New Zealand This is like the weight of Spain. When they represent more than 5% of GDP, we reach almost 7.5%. Its main customers are Australians, who come in large numbers in the winter to ski at resorts on both islands. In fact, they represent about 70% ski passes Sold to foreigners every year.

After two ugly years of sky tourism due to an epidemic, this winter they hope to be able to make up for it and begin to forget a dream that has completely caught up with them. In both 2020 and 2021. First, when his winter sports campaign began in June, the Govt epidemic was announced, and the following year, the vaccine was not yet widely available.

Several ski resorts opened in New Zealand this week after heavy snowfall. Not even one of them in Queenstown, no less Prime Minister Jacintha Artern Personally mark the start of the season.

A perfect example of the importance given to this type of tourism is that it certainly should not represent even 2% of its GDP, but as is the case in other parts of the world, Economic and employment machinery for the hills.

Even there, like the rest of the world, they have to face one Staff shortage. It’s like someone is hiring millions of employees around the planet and leaving the rest without staff. There are those who criticize being baptized ‘Big resignation‘, I.e., they do not want to work until the position compensates them. This is what we call our whole lives in Spain ‘A leisure year’.

According to local newspapers, Jacinta Artern met with the managing director of NZSki and the management of The Remarkable Sky Resort. Both complained Immigration policy He called on the Prime Minister to change the rules for identifying New Zealand and foreign workers. It is said to be the only city in Queenstown More than 1,000 posts That they can not hide.

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It is customary for the Prime Minister to visit the skiing season each year. In 2020 he was inside Cardrona Alpine Resort But in 2021 Kovit was at full swing so he missed the meeting.

Jacinta Artern attended the start of the 2022 ski season