July 1, 2022

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The World Health Organization stresses the importance of the One Health approach

Commons highlights the victory of the people of Colombia

“The excluded and the excluded demanded a voice, we demanded peace, we demanded love, we demanded social justice, we demanded a homeland,” he said in a statement.

He emphasized that the same people who in 2016, after the result of the referendum, took to the streets to prevent the sinking of the peace agreement; That in April of last year he got up to say enough is enough, today he turned to the polls to bring about change.

He stressed that “this change has given thousands and thousands of citizens their lives for it.” He assured that the harvest of peace begins to flourish and that Gustavo Petro and Francia Marques of Colombia will build the foundations of a more just society, a society of love where we can all live deliciously.

“It is the moment of the Great National Pact. Not the pact of elites like those we have


This new agreement must be with all social and political sectors, with those from below, with the nobility, with the peasants, the workers, the academy, the students, but also with the businessmen, the merchants, the churches, and the businessmen.

Trade unions and people’s organizations.

“A deal to build a country, a country in which we all live,” commented Commons born from the peace agreement signed in 2016.

We are sure that with Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez it will be possible to fully implement the peace agreement, complete peace for Colombia.

And for this, you can count on our full desire, on our constituency to tackle the necessary reforms, on the efforts and commitment of all the militants of our party. “We will give everything for peace and we will give nothing for war,” he said.

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He asserted that Petro and France’s victory over the presidency and the vice president is a victory for Colombia over those who “kept us oppressed, against corruption, against politics, against discrimination, against nepotism.” His victory is the victory of the entire Colombian people.

The Communes who supported the historic charter congratulated the elected President and Vice President today.

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