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Jairo confirms that he is in love: “I am with someone and I feel very happy.”

Jairo confirms that he is in love: “I am with someone and I feel very happy.”

Jairo said he’s in love (Video: Implacable, El Nueve)

The love story that united Mario Ruben Gonzalez Pierottiknown as Jairuswith Teresa Saenz de los TerrerosThe mother of his four children, Ivan, Yako, Mario And LucyIt’s worth the movie. They both accompanied each other for more than five decades. They were unconditional. However, after battling an illness that kept her bedridden for years, the woman passed away in July 2021. The musician, who would not stop singing his favorite songs at the foot of his bed until the last moment, felt his world was collapsing. .

The fact is that two years after the departure of his wife, the translator again received Cupid’s admiration. The news was announced Rodrigo Lucic And Adrian Pallares in Show partnersWhen it was confirmed in the bombs section that the artist had started a relationship with a fan named LuraWhich followed him throughout his life.

“He’s a native of Córdoba. He represents our whole country. He fell in love again. He’s a great musician. A great translator. She’s been a fan for life. She’s from Villa Maria, Córdoba. They met through parties because she went to see him so often.” The drivers confirmed before revealing the name of the story’s protagonist, and everyone celebrated that the man was finally able to smile again while holding someone’s hand.

And so, the Implacables cameras approached the singer this Sunday and she confessed “Adores” once again. “I’m really good. I’m with someone, but it’s a long distance relationship because she doesn’t live in Buenos Aires. So we see each other, we meet…and it’s wonderful, very beautiful meetings. “We get along very well,” he said, unable to hide his happiness.

Jairo with Laura

Then he explained how this relationship, which is completely different from the one he lived with his wife, passes, bearing in mind that kilometers do not allow him to share daily life with his partner. “In this case, at least, it is the circumstances that compel us to do it. Because she has her job where she lives and I go from place to place too. Therefore, we take advantage of the moments when we can see each other, meet. The truth is that we are in good shape.” very. I am very happy and very satisfied. And I think it is. We get along really wellconfirmed it.

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It must be remembered that in the month of June, Jairo took a trip to Europe to visit three of his children, and as he later learns, Laura was also part of the game. It should be noted that on July 29, 2021, Jairo announced the sad news of the departure of his wife, Teresa, whom he had been married to since 1972. At that time, he was accompanied by Yaco who is his business manager since Ivan, Mario and Lucia were unable to travel due to the pandemic.

Jairo and Teresa met in Madrid and since then they have been inseparable again. He emphasized on more than one occasion that she was a very important pillar in his career and accompanied him to grow on a professional level. In the past ten years, she was hospitalized at home due to a chronic illness, which by the end of her days no longer allowed her to even speak. Perry had the singer sit next to him, talk to him, and sing “Los amores,” which was his favorite song.

And every time he talked about his wife, Yaris was moved to tears. She was an extraordinary partner. She was a wonderful mother too. and I will never tire of repeating that all the good that my children have in their lives, their mentality, their training, their education, etc., owe to her a great proportion.