November 30, 2023

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Five reasons to start and create a successful business

Five reasons to start and create a successful business

To be a businessman It is about a different way of understanding life and business than usual. Those who intend to start their own company do so primarily motivated by business opportunities or an innate vocation, according to the 2022 Entrepreneurship Map; As well as the desire to make a positive impact in the world or build a career in a complex business environment, according to the GEM 2021-2022 report.

Entrepreneurship and startups

Knowing yourself is the key to starting a business. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, taking risks, and being open to change can make the difference between success and failure. To improve as an entrepreneur and overcome the challenges of the business world, personal entrepreneurship is essential.

Among the new entrepreneurs in Spain, 42% found a good market opportunity 30% It was always clear that I wanted to get up And the 18% of them did so when found The project that inspired himaccording to the report’Entrepreneurship map 2022From the South Summit (the leading event for the innovation ecosystem in Southern Europe) and the Empresa Institute. Wants Career change Or you want You become the boss of yourself And other reasons calling for the pledge, according to the aforementioned document.

Another reason highlighted by innovators globally is the desire for desire Make a difference in the world, build financial wealth, and carry on family traditions Or make a living in some other way in the face of an unstable labor market situation, depending on the latest news.Global Entrepreneurship Monitor“(Jewel). Multiple motivations behind the same goal: achieving personal, professional and social success thanks to your own project.

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The main reasons for starting a business

1. Get more freedom

One of the most important reasons to do this is to seek greater freedom. Since the entrepreneur is in control of the business, he can also choose his work, rest or vacation times, although he must also be more flexible in this way. Curiously, 97% of entrepreneurs who decide to work for themselves do not plan to return to the traditional work model of others, according to data from the Foundation jewel.

2. To achieve your dreams

Entrepreneurship offers the possibility of pursuing Career dreams Otherwise it will be difficult to access. Every day an entrepreneur works on a project that he envisions as his own, which allows him to have the energy and determination to move forward and give maximum effort. This satisfaction is transmitted to everyone Business areas and people involved In the project who share the same ideals. It is a benefit that benefits not only the entrepreneur, but also the product or service provided to customers.

3. You have an opportunity for economic growth

The possibility of growing a business is one of the attractions that every day drives thousands of entrepreneurs to launch their own projects. If a startup is able to develop positively over time, it can become scalable. (Expanding the company with an average annual growth of 20% in employees or employee turnover) Or even in a unicorn (A startup that achieved a valuation equal to or greater than $1 billion before going public.) Economic growth is one of the main reasons for entrepreneurship.

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4. Keep learning every day

Being a businessman means He learns continuously. It’s not just about training or attending events, talks, conferences or training courses to continue to gain skills; Learn from your first personal experience. Fear of failure is one of the reasons that prevent entrepreneurs from starting their own projects, according to data from jewelbut at the same time one of Key sources of learning for both professional and personal departments.

5. Positively impact your environment

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the reasons starting a business attracts entrepreneurs more is the possibility of impacting the world and positively impacting society. In this sense, many of these initiatives focus on sustainability. In the same way, there are also other projects that seek to create products or services Promoting social equality.

Regardless of the reasons that motivate a person to undertake an adventure, what is important is to have a good companion during the adventure. BBVA Spark accompanies them through all stages of their project, offering them financial solutions adapted to their needs.

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