May 17, 2022

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James Cameron settled one of the biggest differences with the original movie logo

James Cameron settled one of the biggest differences with the original movie logo

It’s been 13 years since the premiere of the first installment of ‘symbol picture“yes James Cameron Let’s finally see Overview of the long-awaited sequel. The process was very long and very technically intensive and promises more improvement in the visual finish than in the first movie… Starting with the logo.

The second most hated line in the world with a multi-million dollar production

The decision to use the source ‘Papyrus’ As for the “Avatar” logo, it brought a lot of queue up, already at the premiere and years and years later. This is Millionaire Iqbal and The highest-grossing movie in history This font has been used for years in memes and sitcoms on TV shows and millions upon millions of graphic designers are pulling their hair all over the world.

The director clearly learned his lesson and this time chose an original typeface designed specifically for “Avatar 2Because as revealed by the designer Josh RochelleJames Cameron commissioned him to design a new logo and even a whole new alphabet to use in creating all of the logos and promotions.

at your blog, the graphic designer explains part of his creative process for the new font, which includes uppercase, lowercase, and lowercase letters. Despite all the blows Cameron took for using Papyrus, the graphic designer defends the font choice for the original movie, and that it’s the second most hated font in the world after Comic Sans.

New Avatar Typography Samples

“Unlike many other types of geeks, I think Papyrus is a pretty cool font, and it didn’t look too bad for the original ‘Avatar’ logo…although it was also used in Shakira Merch and in special teas,” Rochelle explained. .

Avatar: sense of water It will arrive (with a new logo included) in the following theaters December 16. Cameron is already working on a sequel to the saga, which will appear on the big screen between 2024 and 2028.

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